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Otaku Teahouse
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Also, in case you're wondering what Ian's hat says, here's a bigger picture...
Let's see them sparkle when they're dead...
I used a few techniques I learned at the Dallas Webcomics Expo and I really like how the art turned out on this one.
Something About Sparkles
I had to have a comic introducing Amber's hatred of Twilight. Also, yes, I have heard Ian say he liked Twilght. Yes, he will kill me for mentioning it. Though since I'm dead already, can you imagine Ian getting all dreamy eyed for Twilight, haha.

Go Team Alucard!
Pictochat Troll
Pictochat is a dangerous place at conventions. Filled with internet memes and trolls from all over. The only difference is that there's the always constant threat of you're in the same room and can get punched in the face if your target of trolling happens to find you. Somehow, though, I think Ian is safe for now. x)
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween... now excuse me, I'm going to go Christmas shopping. D:
Check out this awesome video!
You can't tell me you've never thought of this ever before.

Once again, kind of getting away from the whole convention thing for this comic, but next week we'll be back with the gang at the con, I promise. :)
Welcome to the NHK...
Hikikomori of the world, always remember, the NHK is watching you...

And I really wouldn't put it past Ian to really do this. x)
Otaku Bell...
This started as a joking statement, which then snowballed into a conversation at Applebee's naming off every restaurant we could think of, this is just a small list of those. O_O

But yes, it does seem the name "Otaku Teahouse" is taken by a one "Otaku Teahouse and Supply". It's based in Dallas and the only setup they have is at a snack stand at the Dallas anime convention, A-Kon. If you're ever there, make sure to swing by. I'm going to keep using the Otaku Teahouse name until I can figure out a better name for it, so I am taking suggestions. :)

And also, there is a difference between the Phoenix in the comic and the IRL Phoenix (as in me) speaking through the comic. If you ever see Phoenix wearing that hat... that's me.
We have pocky...
In case of emergency, use pocky...

I changed the hairstyles of Amber and Marcus only slightly, but I'm much happier with it.
Did You Miss Us?
New main characters, Amber and Marcus. Not based on anyone, unlike me and Ian. I'm really not satisfied with the art on this one, but it'll do for now I suppose. :/
Nut Up or Shut Up
I just had to. xD

Zombieland was an awesome movie! If you haven't seen it, go see it now.
I just bought Halo 3: ODST, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Though it is true... the ODST's really are weaker than Master Chief. You can still finish off enemies with a punch, but in the single player, the first time I charged a brute, the above happened...... I couldn't bring myself to draw the gory details. O_O
Remember to Pre-reg
If you've ever been stuck in a pre-reg line, you know how this feels...
Virgin Eyes
For the love of God, do not google Man-Faye if you value your sanity...