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Next update coming really soon, I promise. Really busy summer.
This art features the characters redone with more up-to-date models. As it is now, Vivienne and Chuck were both made with the Victoria 4 model, K is Aiko 3, Dr. Nivahne is Micheal 3, and Vincent is Micheal 4.

The remade characters almost all use the newer and much nicer Victoria 7 and Micheal 7. K is still Victoria 4, with a blending of The Girl 4 and Aiko 4 (as I can't find a good anime robot set for V7).

This current Book will continue with the original models. This post is solely to preview the character re-imaginings for the next Book to come soon when this part of the story concludes.
FInally got back to updating. The scene didn't carry over successfully from Poser to Daz Studio, so I had to recreate the characters - a task that forced my procrastination week after week.

However, I have the next story in the works, and have created all the main characters with the new updated models. I will post a teaser for this soonest.
This is the inside cover dedicated to model credits, work created by a host of very talented artists well due a nod for their efforts.

This page will likely change as I do later pages and make use of unforeseen models in the story's telling.
I added an extra page update as the inside cover is model credits, hardly exciting stuff.
This is the launch of a new comic title set to be planned in three chapters/books. Should it progress well, I will expand the world to include other stories within the same universe, and intrinsically linked to each other.
And just a heads up, I am being pounded by Nanowrimo at the moment, just barely keeping up my word count, but will get back to this once all is settled.
@Ken: I had considered it, but this was my first, and my experimental one (hence the 3 different page styles throughout its history). I have been thinking of doing a published comic, but I can't settle on a genre or story.
And error fixed.
Noticed a spelling error. I will have to fix tomorrow.
I am finally back at it. There was so much going on this year that I had not time to really devote to it - and it simply slipped my mind as I promised myself that "I will will put a page up next week," then I wasn't able... and another week went by.
I am right in the middle of Nanowrimo at the moment, which is consuming a lot of my creative time. I will return to this shortly.
@gilbert wham: Oh, yes. Still working on it, just very busy as I am going into self-employment.
*Edited, put in a time notation that this happens some time after the last page
I apologize for the delay. I had some technical issues with my software that took some time to clear up.
Ah, thank you :)
Now that she is no longer narrating the tale, shifting back into a more traditional comic format.
@Jamie59: Whatever works to get the job done. She prefers up close because then she can be certain of the kill.

Never say never, don't ground yourself :)

Using 3D applications and Photoshop just takes a time investment to think in that viewpoint and determine what is the best way to get what you want.

If you have an artistic eye, and an understanding of photography, you are already partway there! (And looking at your comics, you already have the eye).
Welcome to Slipstream: the Machine State. This is a comic in the same universe as my other Slipstream comic, Slipstream: Singularity, though is about 300 years, and 17 light years earlier.