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Uhm, you can call me Zoey, Zoe, MRZ, idk. Whatever you like best :D

I love reading and writing comics, even though I have too many ideas and too little time to make actual comic out of them...

Anyway, I'm waaay more active on DA and FA than on here. So if you'd like to contact me or just chat, come visit me there :)


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Probably because Mrs. Marti is a cute fluffy raichu now.
I have no idea why I'm uploading this.
Actually I'm only uploading new pages to give people false hope about this comic being alive.
@MR.Zoet: Yeah I know,
Weelde isn't stupid.
But I'm too lazy to change the text now bye.
@MR.Zoet: Also, weedle is stupid because it's CLEARLY a raichu now.
@cooldog102: Sooner-ISH?
Maaaaaaan the previous page was uploaded at 25 april 2015 and the one before that at 5 december 2012.

This one only took 10 months.
That's like...

really fast

Or something
And the story drags on...
And on...

Well, at least Mrs. Marti is a raichu now, which makes everything better.
Two years haven't passed yet!
Next page will be uploaded in only 2 years!
I actually had the sketch of this page already when I finished the previous page...
The worst comic page in the history of COMIC PAGEEEEEESSSS!!!

I'm sorry
Because honestly

This page has been sitting in my computer for like
A really long time
Um, hi!
I know I haven't touched this comic in about two years, and I'm not happy about that.
I still like the comic and I do want to continue it.
Since I have some more time this summer I might update a new page in a few weeks, but I'm not promising anything! D: ( I don't wanna disappoint anyone if I faaail )

Updates will probably remain very scarce..
I'm sorry if this comic looks so dead, I really am.
I wish I had more time to work on stuff like this.

When I started this comic I was still in high school, and I had super much spare time, now I have a study and a job, so I just have less time to work on this.

Anyway, just a heads up so people understand I haven't given up on this yet! c:

I hope you all understand :<
I bet you guys didn't see this coming! HAHAHA
I uploaded this a while ago on DA, but not here for some reason xD
This comic isn't dead! It's just in a deeeeeeeeep coma.

The reason why I haven't uploaded so long is because I'm super busy! Next to my study my main interest is music and I also have a job as a pianist. Naturally these things have the priority before drawing.
I'm sorry for that, I do have a DA on which I sometimes upload other stuff when I have time.

I haven't lost interest in making this comic at all, I really love how people apparently still love it even though it's such a silly comic :>

In a few weeks I have my summer vacation, in which I think I'll be able to draw a page. Maybe even a few if I abandon my piano, violin, guitar and voice a little xD
@Anonymous: Hahaha! What?
It could've gone somewhere?
It's going nowhere, it's completely random! xD
AAAAAAANYWAY, I'm extremely busy this year but that'll be over after 30 may. I WILL continue this comic. I'm planning to redraw some pages in the beginning because I personally think a lot of pages are... Kinda boring and irrelevant.
There won't be any new updates until I redrew all the stuff I wanna redraw.

ALSO, if you like this comic because it's random and stupid, and not just because it has pokemon in it, THEN YOU SHOULD READ THIS COMIC
It also updates slow, but it'll update faster than this. xD

Sorry for my slow updates folks, I suck xD
@MilaMiya: lol, I know! Poor pikachu... Muhahahah...
Zorua is DEAD!

Everybody probably hates me now :<


Omg! Only a few pages and then something AWESOME will happen!

I'm very sorry for all the people who liked that Zorua, but he probably won't return.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Haha, thanks! I'm glad you still enjoy reading my awfull comics, I also really enjoy making them :D
@Tijopi11: Glad you like it! I also like how that panel came out :)
@GrovyleGoodbye128: What? But Mr. Z is awesome! D:
Poor you, it must be awfull reading my comics... First the heartbreaking news about all the lobsters that will die, and now this! The poor zorua you love so much is in danger! AAAH! Oh noes!
@Bre Ishurna the Wolf: Tch, that silly Mr. Nido... Maybe he's blind or something... D: