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You can call me Zoetmulder!
Or Zoey (which is waaay easier)
I'm mainly here to read comics about pokémon or other cool stuff.
I also love making comics myself, so check them out if you like!

For non-comic art by me visit my:

I draw a lot of pokémon, cats and stuff like that! ^^
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@EeveeTroiano: Thank you!
And glad that I'm not the only one haha
Last year I've actually practiced drawing humans a LOT and I think it really helped to make them look a bit better,but still... They're just hard to draw I guess

Luckily since the prologue is over I don't have to worry about that anymore for a while xD
@Garchomp joe ;D.: Haha I'm a girl.
The MR actually stands for my two first names which start with M & R, and Zoet stands for my surname which is Zoetmulder.
But I know the MR causes a lot of confusion about my gender so sorry about that haha
GASP! CoLOr????
Yesssss, I thought it was necessary so you can tell the purrloin is SHINY in case you somehow missed the cover (even though that's kinda impossible but idk)

Anywaaaaay, that concludes the prologue!
I'm kinda happy about that because I'm not very comfortable at drawing humans haha

I'm not sure what the upload schedule will be like from now on. I think I'll try to upload a page every 3 days or so, but we'll see.
It'll depend on how busy I am with college and stuff :)
Yeah, u go girl!
Say that Team Rocket motto thing that I vaguely remember reading once in one of the pokémon games!
People will definitely recognize it asdfghjk
Just look at that happy grin of the team Rocket scientist-guy.
He's super excited to be sending his co-worker into this dangerous-looking portal thinggy!
@mrjacob77: Cool, glad to hear that :)
I hope you'll like it!
@Swissswampert: Yesss! Thank you!
Haha getting the first comment on a new comic is super exciting!
I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the comic. c:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's the first sloppy page aaaaa
Disclaimer: apart from the cover the art in this comic will be kinda sloppy sometimes and lack color. In the time I normally use to color pages and make them look pretty I can make like 3 or 4 sketchy non-color pages. So that's kinda what I'm going for with this comic.
Sorry if the art isn't what you're used to compared to my other comics aaaaaa
@DeltaTheUmbreon: Wait, that's how you assert your dominance?
Dammit! I've been doing it wrong all this time! No wonder my laptop is dis-obedient all the time... Thanks for the tip, you're a life-saver!
*aggressively T-poses over laptop*
Aaaaaa thanks!
SUDDEN ART-STYLE CHANGE WHAT (ALSO I updated ALL old colorless pages with fancy new colors and I'm super proud of myself adagdffadkaufgkau)

Also: those other guys where more than just random one-time characters? GASP
Why hello there!
It appears that I'm back! And what's more, I will upload pages weekly again! (well, at least untill the end of the chapter)

The reason of my long absence?
It's a pretty bad one. The laptop on which I had all my up-to date pages and which I used to draw on crashed.
TBH not that much work was lost, but it was enough to de-motivate me to work on it again.
It also doesn't help that I'm in my last college year and the pressure is HUGE.
I didn't even have time to think about drawing.
But now I've decided to start drawing again and working on the comic again just to distract my mind from obsessing over everything I have to do to graduate this year, because I'm literally exhausting myself just by pondering over and over again about everything I need to do and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sorry for the unnecessary rambling, point is
I'm updating again! yay
Ooooh no,
I don't like where this is going...
Awww, poor Tiny!
I like that this got addressed though, I was wondering what an Espurr was doing on the streets of Unova :)
Awww, Skitter is so cute
This story was so cute aaaa
I like how that Shroomish looks like he's following the conversations
This page is so adorable aaaah <3