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I'm MRZoet
Unlike my username suggests, I'm actually female! (not that it matters)
I'm mainly here to read comics about pokémon or other cool stuff.
I also love making comics myself, so check them out if you like!

For non-comic art by me visit my:

I draw lots of pokémon, cats and stuff like that! ^^
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Ugh, mobile smackjeeves. That was a reply to Rogid xD
Yeah, I can probably scan it to my phone fine, but I also need to edit. Crop the file, fix some coloring mistakes and add the text.
I'm sure there's some way I could do it on my phone, but it won't look as good.
And tbh I worked too hard on the chapter 2 cover page to not have it look the best way it can be :p
I'll try to reply when I have the time aaaa <3
Sooo, the computer which I always use to import my scans and edit has suddenly died with no sign of possible resurrection.
Ima try to find a solution ASAP
In the meantime, enjoy this drawing of Purry and Blazy being in crazy Mister Z style ^^'

Funny how the computer decided to perish just as I ran out of buffer pages on my computer.
Figures :/

Kinda grumpy about it tbh ^^'
This is genius.
The person who's writing this comic is a genius. xD
Chapter end!
It's the last page for chapter one!
You guys have no idea how crazy it is for me to finally upload this!
I've been wanted to make this comic for soooo long, and with the little time I have I never expected to be able to finish even one chapter xD

I honestly felt a bit unsure about posting this comic in the beginning due to the decisions to make everything traditionally, and to do digital touch-ups as little as possible. In the beginning I felt really insecure about posting a page where a character looked a bit off in some panels, but after a while (AND after starting posting the ridiculousness that is Mister Z) I started to feel more comfortable with it and tbh, drawing this comic has made me feel more comfortable with drawing in general!
It made me realize that it's not about creating a perfect looking and flawless artwork, but it's about telling a story.

Anyway, I really want to thank all the readers and commenters from this comic, I really appreciate every one of you!
I feel bad for not replying to each and every one of you anymore, but I still read every comment.
It's really encouraging to have so many people enjoying the comic, and it somehow actually has had a really positive impact on how I feel lately!
I really hope that you all will keep enjoying this comic in the chapters to come as well!

Short version:
Hi reader, the first chapter's over and I love you for having read it, bye <3
It's the cannon name for the region the Blue and Red PMD games take place in.
There's also the Grass continent for the Explorers games...
Mist continent for Gates to Infinity...
And the Water continent for the Super Mystery Dungeon games! ...And that last game also introduced the Sand and Mystery continent and the Sea of Wonders.

So yeah
Have fun with this very useless pokémon trivia xD
I'm honestly not sure about most of my materials.
I just use whatever I can find lying around in my house.
The markers are Copic Ciao markers (which work amazing in my better quality sketchbooks) and the watercolors I use are just from a small, unbranded travelset I got from my mum.

But really, most of my troubles stem from the paper the sketchbooks I use for my comics have. (I have a lot of these lying around from waaay back and decided I had to start using them, which is honestly the main reason I started making comics again ^^')
For all my non-comic drawings I use high quality books and paper and rarely have any problems like this ^^'

I looked up the watercolor pens btw, those look super nice!
Might start using those!
Your drawing style is so cute aaaa
I love it
I like 4 the most!
And otherwise 2 :3
Well that's not very nice.
Think of the door's feelings!
I really don't like switching coloring techniques during one chapter, but this new sketchbook was driving me crazy
Ever since the page where Blazy KILLS THE BIRD WITH FIRE I've been using a new sketchbook, but the paper just doesn't really work with the markers I was using. It really soaked up all the ink, and made the pages a mess (which I then had to edit with Photoshop to make it look ok. )
So now I'm trying watercolor, which I couldn't before due to my first sketchbooks paper crumbling when using watercolors, but works fine with this one somehow. (at least kinda, the paper get really wobbly)

Welp, that's what I get for using cheap sketchbooks for my comics ._.
I LOVE this cover aaaaaaaaa
I've had this chapter cover finished for ages now aaaa
Didn't want to upload it untill I'd actually finish some pages for the chapter, but since I'm putting the entire comic on hiatus for IDK how long, I don't see the harm in uploading it.
So this chapter will be over in 3 or so pages, and I was wondering if I should do a Q&A at the end of this chapter where readers can ask the characters and the author anything etc.
I've never done a Q&A for my comics before and I always thought it's be fun, but idk, since there's only two prominent characters atm I don't know if anyone would be interested or ask anything?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
From the sky
Yeah, you BETTER take that uniform with you.
Don't wanna have to give this comic a mature content rating just because you wanted to do your anti-heroic return to the human world without any clothing on