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I'm MRZoet
Unlike my username suggests, I'm actually female! (not that it matters)
I'm mainly here to read comics about pokémon or other cool stuff.
I also love making comics myself, so check them out if you like!

For non-comic art by me visit my:

I draw lots of pokémon, cats and stuff like that! ^^
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@Dallas: Whoops, you're right!
I'll fix it when I can use my Photoshop computer again
Thanks for notifying me c:
Dick move Purry.
It's no strategy.
She just really likes seeing the cyndaquil get hurt.
September 18th, 2019
@Silvertheumbreon: a USELESS part
September 18th, 2019
Thinking makes you sexy
They can't see you if you're not moving!

A+ strategy Purry
September 11th, 2019
He left

I also try to burn off the faces of people who say Hi to me as well

Great social skills Blazy!
Stairs were found.
Bag was found.

That's it.
Comic's over.
Noooooooooooooooooooooo Victini noooooo
September 4th, 2019
Your style is SO adorable aaa
I always use different composers.
In Colosseum I named my espeon and umbreon Antonio and Vivaldi respectively.
I also really liked Amadeus for my zoroark, Ludwig for liepard. Wagner for my regular lycanroc and Weber for my shiny one and...
Honestly, I have waaay too many ^^'

I play almost every game with parties of 6 and name most of em after composers xD
I honestly really love the name Pepper for her, but she needed a name kid-me would've given her xD

Also, I love you for that pun xD
Hmm? You don't like that name Purry?

Back when I was a stupid kid playing through pokémon Gold for the first time with my Cyndaquil called Blazy I called EVERY pokémon (except the cyndaquil) their species + Y; piddy, ratty, senny, catty, geoy, belly, maarry, EVERY SINGLE ONE
and I thought it was super original
These days I name em after composers or fruits.

ALSO IMPORTANT notice/heads up:
The lessons at the Uni have just started and already I'm starting to notice I don't have that much spare time anymore.
I like uploading this comic two times a week, but have no idea if I'll be able to keep this up. So it might drop to one page a week once I stop having buffer pages
I'll try to at least keep replying to most comments (since I really like having interaction with my readers), but don't take it personally if I skip a week or something because when diving into my study my mind really goes somewhere else sometimes ^^'
Well yeah. The whole reason why I like having characters like this is because there's a ton of room for character development!
Though she's not the only character who will develop ;)
It'll take a while though, don't expect to hear anything nice from her the first few chapters xD
Oof, sensitive subject
Btw G-509 stands for Grunt 509.
Nice nickname right?
Oooh I really like the changes!
Especially the colors with the lighter patches on the stomach/chest and the darker spots on the muzzle!

I'm personally split on the ears since I think not having the canine ears is what makes the pokémon Electrike really stand out and unique-looking from the other canine pokémon, but at the same time the ears DO look really cute.
Cat pokémon are best pokémon