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You can call me Zoetmulder!
Or Zoey (which is waaay easier)
I'm mainly here to read comics about pokémon or other cool stuff and to upload stupid comics of my own!
I also love making comics myself, so check them out if you like!

For non-comic art by me visit my:

I draw a lot of pokémon, cats and stuff like that! ^^
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June 21st, 2018
That "Hey." in the last panel can't mean anything good.
@Nosh Ware: I like how you noticed the little band-aid
I remember when drawing these pages I forgot to draw it ALL THE FRIKKIN TIME because it's such a minor detail thing
Should've wrapped his entire head in bandages, would've been easier to remember drawing (and would've been more appropriate too I guess xD)
@9rainbowtails: Okay. That is definitely to most random fun thing someone has ever commented on a thing of mine.

Props for actually making me laugh out loud while reading this during classes xD
Mysterious phone call!

(sorry if uploads take a bit longer than usual, I'm super busy atm with all the last things I have to do to complete this college year. And concerts, I have to give SOOOO MUCH CONCERTS I think my hands are gonna fall off aaa)

Also the last panel is one of my favorites from this comic and I don't even know why
@Nosh Ware: Hm! Good eye!
I almost didn't notice those GIANT FRIKKIN TENTACLES in the room.
I swear, I never notice small details like that. Small stuff like that always catches me off guard.
@EpicChild: Sounds like a good deal xD
June 19th, 2018
Wait, is Basil shiny?
Shiny persians change is so subtle it's hard to tell
Whoa there Matthew
You look waaaay to different with that fancy new haircut (and also with me changing the drawing style)
It's visible that this character is the same as the one that appeared earlier in this chapter right?
@Nosh Ware: I think these guys lack any sense of responsibility for well... Anything.
Will probably be their downfall sooner or later xD

(I actually bury my fish when they die, I'd always make a pretty grave decorated with tiny flowers and stuff if one dies.
But that's just me, I get very attached to them, but that's also because they get pretty old, my oldest goldfish atm I've had for 11 years! And when you feed something every day for 11 years it's not that weird to get so attached to it)
Let's all just ignore the problem

(also, don't drink alcohol, these guys are bad role-models)
@Nosh Ware: It's pretty obvious that an evil cat thing like Mrs. Fluff would wish for evil destructive stuff, but I don't think the blue guy really tries to apply logic to any situation.
And I hope someone gets that monster thing under control quickly, cause that's gonna leave more than just a scratch
I don't know how much that insurance can cover xD
@EpicChild: True, but with a random person like me writing the comic you can never be completely sure tbh xD
Oh noes!
A monster attacking the city!
June 12th, 2018
Adfghjk, sorry for not uploading yesterday, I'm super busy with exams and school stuff and I forgot aaaah
@Nosh Ware: Well, it's not like the mouse was trying to get their attention. He was just kinda hanging around.
But Yeah you're right, it's still kinda rude, they should acknowledge the poor mousy more D:
That explosion was so intense it changed the art-style again!

It also caused our poor blue guy so much distress he finally acknowledged the tiny mouse that has been in every page so far asdfgiygkuygl
Tune in next week for another long, exiting and completely LOGICAL new page of Mister Z!
Mrs. Fluff wished for death by exploding!
@Nosh Ware: Yeah crazy how the little critters can just eat things over ten times their sizes!
Just one of the many known risks of owning a cat I guess
@EpicChild: That sounds like a pretty logical thing to do, too bad my comic is anything but logical muhaha