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Aspiering swedish manga/comics artist and illustrator.

I hope you'll enjoy my work! :D

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This is the final page!

I hope you have enjoyed this story. Please look at my homepage for updates and new comic projects;

Thank you SO much for reading!
Peace, love and understanding!

/ Fanny M Bystedt
Second last page! DDD:
(for those of you who haven't heard of SPX; Small Press Expo, is a independent comics expo that's held once a year in Stockholm, Sweden (at the last weekend of April) I went last year and LOVED it, and, of course I want to bring my beloved Silver Pearl to the event. The fanzine will be available through my homepage (htt:// after the SPX-event. Thank you! Looking forward to see what you guys might come up with!)
Erkänn att det är näsan som gör det ;D
(ps. jag är jätteglad att du vill ta dig tid att läsa min serie! Om du kikar förbi i min studio kan jag låna dig ett smyg-ex så du kan läsa hela ;D)
Jawohl! XDD
Love it!
The red color really works well as an effect. Especially when he gets hit ("blood"?) and falls down :)
Great feeling to it..

Keep fighting! ;D
Party up! :D
Ohmigawd, Damian and Jumanah's ADORABLE on this page! X))
Yeah, I shôjo:fied her to make her more expressive!
Hope ya'll like! <3
February 8th, 2010
Thanks for the updates! :DD
Keep fighting! I LOVE this story!! <3
I feel with her..
and the color is such a great, yet simple, addition to the pages. It really makes them "pop"!

Well done, honey! You fakkin' ROCK! :D
(I can give further feed-back later.. when I'm not half asleep.. I just HAD to write.. I LOVE it! T^T)
I am happy you like it! X) (honestly; I have a liking for noses myself XD)
That is actually a real building! It's called "AF Borgen" and is located in Lund, Sweden. :) I find drawing houses difficult, and when my friend tipsed me about this house, I thought it was the perfect setting for my comic! :D
January 5th, 2010
XDDD Haha!! I noticed that right away! Eyeshield 21 is one of my favourita mangas! <3
(Iiih~ and, I LOVE the sweet feeling in your comic! Keep going!)
January 3rd, 2010
Gaaah!! O.ô!
I just stumbled across your comic and GAWD it's adorable! I can't wait 'til I get to know what'll happen next! X)

And, I love your style! It's different, and very appealing. It goes well with the cozy feeling and pace of the story! *faves*
Last page! :D

And, yes.. Very many times, love, one of the greatest things on earth, is very dissapointing.
This is my friends and I.
With the exception that I made one of my friends the main character instead of myself :)
Drawn in april 2008.
Thank you for the nice comments! <3

The white is drawn with a white brush in photoshop. Easy as cake! :D

And, well, it's a boy.. (you'll find out on the next page)
Oh, my beautiful Jumanah! I haven't been drawing horses for years and years, but she looks fine :)
Introduction of Sandra Daniela :D
Introduction of the main character's best friend.
Oh, how I utterly LOVE Damian! He's SO cute!