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Rum + me = :)

If that's not the story of MY life...
Words cannot describe the joy the comic fills me with.

*sniff* I promised I wouldn't do this...
So, it looks like Batman is actually sitting on his cape whilest on the toilet. Therefore, one can surmise that Batman is pooping on his cape. That is very heartwarming.

***Just noticed the lyrics on Batman's computer. Trev is awesome!***
It's only for when they need some D-fence. But, by that logic, Trev should have a giant D.

*curse my lazy eye!*
Only sports games I took time to play:

NFL Blitz

Mario Kart 64. Yeah, try and say that's not a sports game!

Madden 96, I believe. Trev owned this game and only beat me once or twice. I was the cowboys everytime and used one offensive and one defensive play. Look out for the Bomb!

And the WWF 64 games.

If only they would release a competitive eating game...
Pure awesomeness. You've captured gay puppets like lightning in a bottle.

Gay puppet bottle? I'd buy that.
Nothing says Thanksgiving like drawing a cute animal violating a cuter animal on your passed out friends face.

Also, I think there's more than enough yams on Trev's shirt there for everyone to have seconds.
I just noticed this...

With all them new-fangled video games and dvds, Trev is still playing with his oversized cars.

"Beep, beep! Watch out!" "Hey, look where you'e going!" "Oh my Dog, we're burning alive!"

It's the little things.
I feel the panels needed to be wided on this one, if only so we could see Trev deep throat that dog, bun and all.
What smells like a penny?
I couldn't help but notice that the manager gradually gets more and more homosexual as the strip progresses...

Is this an accurate depiction?
Someone who truly understands my pain...

You know, it's about damn time he got off his ass and did something. Always sitting around playing with himself whilest eating Dunkin Doughnuts. So very sad...
Dial back the bears?!
Are you high???

If anything, there should me MORE bears!!!

Five bears merged into one giant Super Bear! And they should be dressed like Russians with those furry hats!

And chainsaws with cannons that fire Chocolate Hundred Dollar Bills!

(Imitation Chocolate!)
Just goes to show you...

Sometimes, dreams really do come true.
I would SO pleasure myself to that website!

Either that or the 'Midgets in Diapers' site.

That one is AWETASTIC!


Ha ha!

He look like man but he clean toilet like woman!

Bwa ha ha!
so sad...
Poor Homeless Hank.

He was a good bum. Always had tuna fish.

Just to let you know, I hate each and every one of you.


Honorable Mentions...
Grizzley Adams


The reanimated corpse of Paul Newman

The newly deceased corpse of Cuba Gooding Jr


And Donkey Lips, from Nickelodeon's "Salute Your Shorts"