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xDD london-san!!!
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haha.. been a long while.
:/ can't access dA here.. school... yeah.
umm. xD how long have u had a smackjeeves account??
n u didn't tell me either. -_-''
tch. ah well. watchy now..
:3 yersh, i'm back.. more or less. *heart heart*
thank u so muchie!!!! >3<

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thank you much! *hug*
Umm, yeah...
^^; Sorry for the lack of updates for a long while. I didn't realize that I wouldn't have time.. But now I do, since clubs are pretty much done, and there are no assemblies to prepare to perform in anymore and such.

I was thinking of a 2 page update, but I guess I'll save that for next week. xD I'm sure you all have things to do. *nod nod*

Ahh.. thank you guys for the comments. I guess I didn't plan the beginning well, so I hope all those I offended would stick around at least until things get clearer. ((Would be soon, really.... V.V''))

Ack... anatomy help.

Oh. If anyone thinks my pages are too small or anything, please tell me. I'll replace everything with their original sized versions.

Thank you.

Oh, umm.. no updates until school is over. X.X''
Alot of studying to do.. Dx
glad u think it's cute ms. bear.
Thank you~~ <3
((READ)) OK, let me get some things straight...
The comments and my answers::

"That is NOT Lolita. Thanks to Gwen Stefani and our friends at Hot Topic, the West has a badly-skewed idea of what Gothic Lolita truly is. It's not mallgoth with some lace slapped on and pigtails. We don't sex up our outfits with low collars or off-the-shoulder tops and a corset. We don't wear "hair falls" or vinyl or fishnets or tiny skirts or French maid outfits with entirely too much cheap lace or any of the stereotyped misconceptions that most Americans seem to have about us."

"i must say i agree with the above comment. you got the look of the fashion COMPLEATLY wrong. fishnets? O.o
i think you need to look at some pictures for refrence...."

"Ahhh I think the one that does not know about lolita fashion is you."

Really not lolita.
Nice drawings.
But god.
You fail."

"No, seriously, girl you have to improve. And 'research' before you start something to a particular theme.
And Lolitas don't act like that."

--First of all, I don't know where the idea came from that I said my main character IS((right now, at the beginning)) a Lolita fashion designer. It's true that I said in my summary that she became interested in Gothic Lolita, but I did not say that she IS a designer RIGHT NOW. If she did, I really don't think her brother would want some of her designs to wear, now would he? [[Er.. he's not into Lolita]] I also said in the summary that her "designs dominate the Lolita world" ((or some such)). I shall explain it when the point in the story goes to it. Hmm.. I should change the wording in my summary if it leads to all these misunderstandings....

"And Lolitas don't act like that."

--((This refers to that girl in pigtails who's wearing the off the shoulder thingy.)) That's the whole point.-_-'' Because she, in fact, is not Lolita. I suppose it's my fault for not updating and leaving this story at this kind of point where I really don't have anything explained, but I will be moving on to other pages sooner or later. I wanted to introduce this character in such a way that's both rude and ridiculous not because I was trying to imply that Lolitas act like so, but because she isn't Lolita, and of course, wouldn't act like she is one. [[confusin now, but I promise it'll clear up.]]

"You need an anatomy book."

--Yes, I do need work on my anatomy, thank you. xD And for those who sent links to Lolita fashion sites, thank you. The clothing were very beautiful.
=D really??
lol xD pretty lucky....
the ones here r either far or its a small store....=/
ghost the echidna:
lol!!! xDD i thought i was forgetting was that "pat, pat" haha ^^ ill add that

akane: thank u so very much! =]

jessica: xD yea.... lol i guess so *stares at the chest* xD
x.o.... sleepy.....
been up all night practicing my dancing and finishing this up.
sorry for not updating recently.
I've been busy with hw, tests, schoolwork, afterschool clubs, and the like Dx
=] today, after school, I'll be trying out for the step team(a hiphop/step group) =D hope i make it?

please critique xD
I'd like to know what needs improvement. =]
yay! *dances*
xD phwee!!! uve read it!!!
*hearts u to death*
xD lol no not to death...
Dx gah!
that looks crappy...

ill have a link to the original version(the one thats not resized to fit the kb limit) tomorrow...

oo...o wait nvm xD i changed it to be a good enough size and quality..
OwO uwaah~!
thank u, u guys!!
*glomps everyone*
no, he is not gay, or a crossdresser (as a few thought on dA). Remember that she is fashion designer(of both male and female fashion), and he needs an outfit to wear.
pls rate xDD
O_O ....'yiffing'?
*doesnt kno the term*
ah well...

lol i like ure oc...
=] id like to do fanart of her sumtime xD
the positioning of the arms looks a bit unnatural to me but still, i luv the coloring x3 ~ *hearts*
x3 i liked the prologue o so very much.
September 3rd, 2006
sounds like sumthing critical to the story would be coming up O.O
September 3rd, 2006
*clap clap* alright! i liked how u did the prologue ;] very nice. makes me wonder wat happened to that guy....was it war?
anyways im favin =D keep up the great work!

trebor: Dx u have no clue wats going on?? :<