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hello! nice to "meet" you! I'm Lily, otherwise known as rain-and-sunshine@deviantart. I have a studio at the GoggleWorks, a large art center in Reading, PA, where I teach manga/comic drawing and Japanese language. (I also teach long distance!)

aside from Farewell Feeling, my other projects include:

-my first entry to the Yen Press Talent Search, "What I Found at the River," can be read below. it was selected for feedback in 2011.
-Yuki Monogatari, a bilingual JP-EN comic illustrated by me and written by Richard VanHouten, hosted at
-my second YP Talent Search entry, which will be uploaded soon. it was selected for feedback in 2012.

If you are interested in commissioning me to draw something for you visit my dA page ( for details.

to contact me please use

thanks for visiting my comics! :)
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WOW! I apologize for the unexpected hiatus!!

I recently got a new part-time position as a social media promoter for an American manga publisher, and have also been doing more Japanese-English translating work than before both for the Huffington Post and for GEN Manga.
I'll leave links below to the articles and books I've been working on!

I still have a variety of art projects going on (including a prospective large mural), but have not had time as of late to get much uploaded onto any of my sites. Unfortunately, due to the time consuming nature of my other work at the moment, Farewell Feeling will continue to be on hiatus for the time being.

I hope you will continue to watch and follow me on my Tumblr website ( and my deviantArt (rain-and-sunshine) as I am trying to return to having more of an online presence again. I may even revive my Twitter soon! It's a new year; anything is possible!

As promised, here are the links to the Huffington articles I translated:

1) Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami:
2) Unusual recipes for using extra mochi: 9094.html
3) The giant old man in Japan's sky: 4) Cat learns to use a toilet:

And these are the GEN Manga books I have been working on:

1) Anomal:
2) Kamen 02:
3) Stones of Power:

Some of my work for GEN Manga (such as their online-only Eden series) has not yet been put into print form but can be read on

I am still available for both commissions and new taking on new students (drawing or Japanese language) if you or someone you know is interested! For more information, just email me ( or visit !

Thank you for your patience, and I hope you are all having a fabulous 2015 so far.

(Also: I am going to try and go through my backed up messages soon, but if you wrote to me and never heard back please feel free to poke me again with my email address:!
I meant to do a lot more with this page, but with my trip coming up I just have no time x_x maybe will come back and edit it at some point in the future.
sorry page is a bit late! busy getting ready to leave for japan soon.
sorry for the delay!! finally got the script for chapter five figured out. I'm trying something a little different -- this chapter will be sort of storybook-y. it is also the introduction of the primary antagonist for the rest of the series!! the villain is always the most fun to draw, although she isn't bad in the way you might expect!

(apologies to those who voted to see Joy featured this chapter -- her story is coming but I felt this fit better for the next chapter ^^;)
we'll be doing our usual panels too :)
Creating Manga, Japanese Language & Culture, History of Manga.

see you there!
welcome to chapter 5!! there's a lot of things I want to do with this chapter and I'm excited to get started!
for now, have a title page with the lovely subject of the chapter :)
curly hair is my new favorite thing to draw. <3
there we have it, the end of chapter 4!! I'm really looking forward to chapter 5. it might be very different in some ways from the other chapters...I really want to try experimenting with the way I tell stories. we'll see what happens!!

also I apologize for the missing page last week. it was finals week. yep.

see you soon with a chapter 5 cover!!
this was created as an creative project assignment in a Literature of Fantasy course, and is based on Chapter 8 of The Fellowship of the Ring.

I wanted to try visualizing a scene that was not in the films. The Barrow Downs was always one of the places that I was sad did not make it into the Peter Jackson movie adaptation (although I understand why it was cut).

And, as much as I love the Peter Jackson FotR, one qualm I had was how much Frodo's role was cut down. We don't get to see him fight off the barrow wight, or stab the witch king, or face down the black riders at the Ford! So I wanted to show some of that aspect of the character a bit more here.

my design for Frodo is vaguely based off of Elijah Wood's Frodo I suppose, but not entirely. the one thing I consciously kept the same was the eyebrows.

I hope you enjoy!
I think this is the longest farewell feeling chapter so far.

also, my cat is doing much better :)
really sorry about the complete lack of a page after I promised no more sketch pages; among other things my cat suddenly became very sick a few days ago >>; she's ok now but anyway here is a fitting filler image; this is the piece I'm contributing to my local Humane Society's fundraiser auction Art for Arf's Sake :)
sorry its a bit late & a sketch for now. have been at tekkoshocon all weekend.

normal pages resume next week~

if you are finding this site through a card taken at Tekko, hi! it was nice to meet you! :)
who's going to Tekkoshocon? I'll be there in the Alley as well as doing panels!
hope to see some of you at Zen this weekend~

come to our panels!
Complete History of Manga
Creating Manga Start to Finish
Japanese Language and Culture
any guesses what her revelation was?
if you read the older version of this story, think of which characters have NOT been re-introduced yet...
asjkdlsjfsd I'm sorry there's been so much filler this month; I've been swamped with work stuff and some medical things going on, and just haven't been able to devote as much time to the pages as I'd like. I'm sorryyyy
but I do want to post something in the meantime, so have more alphabet letters! ^^;

anyway going to zenkaikon later this month?
thanks to those who voted on what characters they'd like to see featured next chapter!
I think I will do Joy's backstory next.
sorry for all the filler lately, been really busy with work and other things and haven't had as much time as usual for making pages ^^;

Mononoke is probably not my favorite Ghibli movie, but I've never drawn San and wanted to try :3
12/26 of my Alphabet According to Fandom series. trying to finish them all before Zenkaikon next month! to see more, check out:

this chapter drawing to a close.

do you guys want to see more of the Emotion backstories next chapter, or go back to the human characters?
was getting over being sick while I drew this and couldn't focus and had to draw her stupid swoosh-bangs in the first panels like 238490328490324 times