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Hey, doesn't that guy in the black suit look like Sanji from one piece. :D

(oh god if it isn't Brock it's Sanji flirting with the Nurse's)
This is the perfect chance to have the mini adventures of Rat and errm friends!
@Kelloe: If you go by the anime, the first episode where it shows charmander (its raining and cold) I believe the person with ash tell him if the tail fire goes out the pokemon would die.
@Sign Seeker7: Im thinking the same thing, Nom!
July 12th, 2012
Im guessing your most likely healthy now XD but thats awesome you came in at 3rd place :3
July 12th, 2012
haha, First panel cracks me up XD
July 12th, 2012
All that last panel needs is more bombs. :D
Hello, Brother. XD
Dont worry in the 4th panel all the bugs are Sleeping. XD yay they are safe.
Lols, i just had a thought, that just as they get near that bug catcher kid from before safes her, looking like rambo. XD
I so think i know whats going to happen and already laughing.
p.s there were no haunted houses in the first starting bit?
yay first comment ^^ Run you can make it. maybe >]
the only thing butterfree's were good at in the series were putting people to sleep, I hope the are kick ass in this. >:]
huh? Shipping
Am i the only one who doesn't know what shipping means except getting parcels and crates across water? :/
Cant forget Meowth
hahaha, so many happy memories comming at once, :3 but will they also have a side kick like meowth, (should have a random meowth walkthrough the scene,, GLOMPS!!! ^-^ Go Team Rocket.
haha, Nurse joy & officer jenny are not going to like this one bit, :3 but anyway Loving mokepon cant wait to see what happens next. =]