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I meant to update sooner. But you know....

How are you guys? Anyone still remember this comic? Lack of updates yes but it's not dead yet. Hooray.

If you want to keep up with what I've been up to then you can follow me on tumblr:
Yes. He's just that charming.
I know, we suck for taking so long to finish a page. This time it was my fault. We've been fairly busy with our lives and unfortunately, our comic has to suffer because of it.

Keibs and I have discussed it and we'd like to continue despite our busy schedules, but the updates for this comic will be regrettably infrequent. As a fair warning.

We appreciate your continued support and will hump you muchly for it. At least I will. *humphump* I hope you guys enjoy this page. :d

If you'd like to find out what we're up to, do follow us on tumblr:
It just so happens that the next page is close to done (although I'm personally less inclined to work on something when people throw fits about it).
But we both have lives that have to come first, especially as of late. At the end of the day we prefer to chill, and since I myself do a lot of commissions, the last thing I want to see is more art.

It's not like we can throw everything aside to work on a comic we do for free--even though the bills are piling up--just because someone finds it difficult to continue caring.

So yeah, updates will continue to be infrequent. If you really can't deal with it then that's just too bad.
@Crave: Hm. I verified with others and they all say it's olive. Could be your monitor. But we can say Noel is secretly an alien. >:]

And yeah when I have the time I respond to comments, usually with each update but there are exceptions. :p
Sorry, not a very dazzling page, but there is a butt!

Replies to comments left on the previous page:

@keibers: I ended up not liking it, lulz.

@Maggerz: D'aw, aren't you sweet? *gropes*

@unknown3rd: *gropegrope*

@RoboMomo: <3

@bluegeam: xDD Oh, to my great delight, I can think of a few people who do.

@Snager: >: *fondles*

@b4k4chan: ;D I'm sure you did.

@Raichi: Nah, there's still a pulse, however faint. xD

@Vince: Haha, thank you.

@shaharw: Hm, not so much as a break as just doing something else. Something else that's been giving me a bit of an income, to be precise. xD;

@=D: Yeah, I realized that but merf. *scratches buttocks* Didn't forget the bandages this time around though, hurr~

@Guest: Aw, thank you. That's really nice to hear.

@crave: Haha thanks, but the overly pink skin was done on purpose. It should get explained later on if I don't forget. As for the offsets--not really, it just depends on the sort of ambiance I'm trying to go for.
Puuuurrrpppleeee. Guess where they are. :'D
@Amuya: Are, not were, since I still am busy, as is Keibs for that matter. --I've been busy earning some monies. ]=

@KittyCloud: *sprays with water*

@Jesse: :'D I no rite.
A new page at last!
Sorry about that, the delay was pretty much my fault: I've been fairly busy, you see. But at least this comic, myself and Keibers are not dead. Khaze's loathing for the shiny Priest burns strongly still, as well.
An update, wtf?

I want to thank you all for being so incredibly understanding. It has been a load off my mind and weight off my shoulders. Your understanding has let me focus my creativity on other things without my feeling too guilty about it.

Even though I've been busy with commissions, instead of going to bed like a responsible adult, I decided to doodle something instead and ended up finishing this page. I know it's not the usual style, but this is really all I had time for. OTL

Anyway, thanks again guys, your infinite patience and support is greatly appreciated. *gropes everyone* I hope you'll enjoy this page regardless.
Unfortunately I've been too busy with other more important projects to keep up with any comics, but this one is on hold, certainly not abandoned. Sorry for the wait. ]=
'Clang' is so one of my favourite sound effects.
Goodness, I feel like an ass for so many reasons.

I’m sorry I haven’t breathed even a word to you guys. I realize you deserve better, but to be honest I had no idea what to say.

I haven’t felt like working on this comic since even before I’ve stopped updating. It has drained me to the point that I become disturbingly frustrated when even reminded of it. If truth be told, I’ve been fighting with the decision of cutting this comic loose for a long time now, the only reason I haven’t yet and probably won’t is because one, I’m so attached to this comic it’s more than a little pathetic and two, you guys. I’ve probably said it before—and if I haven’t I should’ve—, but you guys are some of the most patient, understanding and clever bunch I’ve ever seen and I'd be loathe to disappoint any of you (I flatter myself in thinking at least one of you would be disappointed).

All this time I kept telling myself I’d update, yet I never did. I took up projects unrelated to comics that have kept me rather busy, but all throughout I continued to tell myself that I’d get around to updating it. Obviously I didn’t, but that persistent bit of denial is what kept me from saying anything in the first place, I just kept thinking “next Sunday, next Sunday...”.

Sucking it up is long overdue however, and it’s time I stopped being in denial. I refuse to give this comic up (even though I suspect I’ll let it dwindle and die eventually), so I’ll keep updating, but updates will not be regular in the least. They’d occur whenever I happen to get a page done, which would be—as you’ve probably guessed—far and few in between.

I’m very, very sorry, if I could help it I would, but other projects require my attention more than this comic. ...But at least I’m not stopping with it?

At the risk of becoming too sappy and mushy and cliched, I have to say I adore all of my readers and I hope you'll understand.
This delayed page may be blamed on me for once. :'D
I've been preoccupied with some things, but better late than never amirite.

Also, buuuuuutttttttttttt <3
Lolol, yeah those tentacles are going places where the sun don't shine. And nope, we're not dead. :'D
Ye gods, an update at last.

Edit: Also check out the Links section for our first recommended link. :'D
Bella Roi
September 13th, 2010
Lawl, fail on my part to update this comic. Sorry guys, I kept thinking I'd get to this page only to end up not working on it. =x

For my defense I have that strumpet Keibers over and she's been distracting me like whoa. :'D Blame her!

And enjoy this page too. Chomp.Chomp. OH by the way, check out the top webcomics vote incentive thingamajig, I have a new picture up for it.
We're on our vacation. I.e taking it easy and not worrying about webcomics. ;D
Sorry for the wait, lulz.

We'll update when we have a page again. :'D
Funny you should say that--I made that same association a while ago, so it's fun to see someone else sees it too. x3

By the by, sorry I haven't updated yet guys. Busy week has been busy.