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TEH EBIL SASORI ISH HERE! bow down befor meh! ku ku ku!

Life. love. Manga.


if john has 1 cookie, and gets 15 more he has how many cookies? NONE! I EATZ DEM ALL >:O!

Hi my name is Random. Call me Sasori. Dont say a cant, i can. I love to make. i love cookies. Would you like me to appear? Do it frrroom? Im not fat,im perfectly thin. I breather air.

Take the last word of each sentence. Whats teh scret message say?!

Oki then....well hi im Sasori, i love random things and food and stuff and MANGA! :D.

Answer to Riddle thingeh: Random Sasori can make cookies appear from thin air.

Uhh hi ^^'
Can i join this collab :D? it seems like fun, and i've got a good chara x3. i would've posted this on the forums, but my internet ish stupid and says something bout how the webpage cannot be loaded...
rofl XD
I know this is really late, but can i still send in an application? :O? it sounds really fun, and i have an idea for a chara. if not, tis oki ^^
XDDDDD!!!!! i wonder what that rabbit has to say bout that XD! LOL! i love this couple x3. hee hee haa haa. :D.
~giggles uncontrolably~ XDD!! i love that!
oh gawsh im such a perv.... my mind is too dirty. XD. I aqueed out loud when i saw the last page XDDD
i just clicked the next button like 5 times before realizing that this was th elast such a dud XD
you mean to say i just read2 years of work in like 3 hours O_O?! damn im fast -.-'

Happyyy b-day:D
awwwwwz TT^TT the one guy i decide imma fangirl for turns out to be a girl! this sucks XD! oh well.... KEIJIXHIKARU PAIRING :O! XD
i love this manga so freking much. to prove it, ill tell you this: at the end of the last chapter i loved it so much i aciidentally litterally let out a large CLAP on accident ^^;... im kinda obbsessed. OMG ima fangirl this guy on this pic XD!
~head explodes~ cuttteennneessssss :DDDD! im trying so hard not to squee right now out loud XD
dude, i almost "Squueeee"d ou loud jus now XD! i let out a litte "eep" and my mom just looked at me like i was crazy XD

>:O diiiee tanaka, you are in teh way of takuya and Maya >:O!
~pokes liam's cheek~ hey go ask her dude, yu know yu want to! Give the girl what she wants, and me some eye candy ;3
~pokes kai~ tell him you were with her cuase yu was gonna murder her to catch him off guard, then throw him across the room yalling "JACKASS! YOUR SO IMMATURE GO DIE IN A HOLE WATCHING ME AND LIANA KISS PASSIONANTLY!" XDDD!
~smacks zak across the face, then grabs liana and runs for it~ BAKA! I TOLD YOU NOT TO FALL FOR IT >:O!!! HES EVIL! ~puts her in front of kai and wipes off my clothes~ there, you may continue XD
RUN LIANA WHY YOU STIL CAN!!! ~tackles Zak~ ill hold him down, nnow run, back to kai, your murderer! he is more safe than this guy, i know it ><!
~nosebleed~ ok i cant remeber wich is wich so...Hoodie guy ish miiinnnee!!! ~snuggles him~ :3
My conspiracy snses are ttingling!
Oki so AWESOME PAGE! >:O! '

Times for Sasori's babbling corner: Ok so what would be awesome is if Zak was lying and that picture of Kai was really Zak and teh other way around and Then Kai was the friend and then Zak was a bad guy.... well worse then his homicidal brother XD and i wonder if she forgets that shes going to die? and ~babbles on and on~
ok ok ok XDDD osrry sorry i need some way to expresss my giggles, if not it gets worse and turns into luaghter and so on and i've been holding off for the last few chap- ~giggles again~ chapters cuase my moms asleep next door XD!

Oh Kai, you know you care x3! Just realize it and tell her~ but what would be an awesome twist is if the childhood friend was in love with her and found out kai was gonna kill her than tried to kill kai and kai killed him in defense and then She got mad and- ~babbles on and on and on~
Hmm.... I do beleive she is very comffortable around her killer! lol. I love KAi, hes funny x3 dont ask me why i think that cuase idk.

Your arts improved :O!!! :DDD they look really good!