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This page has been done for two weeks I've just been TERRIBLE about getting my lazy butt up to upload it. The next page is almost totally done and should be posted within a day or two also!

By fighting these kids mean they're going to just loudly yell things at each other and possibly throw some dirt and soft rubber balls while playing some aggressive and complex freeze tag. do you draw kids again? They're like...8 in this scene. Interestingly enough the opening scene is based off of something that happened as a kid, maybe a little more....dramatic. A warning to any readers, there will be blood within the next few pages.
Here we go! I don't have any set update times, nor do I even know what style/medium I'm gonna stick to right now so please bare with me as I do a little experimenting!
Hello there!
Hey everyone, I'm finally getting a webcomic that I've been planning forever out there! Thank you for giving it a look!!

Imperium Files will be a series of stories all revolving around completely different character's and their lives, but for now we're just gonna focus on Cassady and the mystery of her town.

I'm just gonna say right now her arc is gonna be a little more darker and violent, the story is a murder mystery so there will be violence, blood, and death subject matter. I don't know how graphic I'll be getting but I don't plan on making it bad enough to warrant a mature content rating but if I feel it will go that route I'll have to change that.

There will be: Magical powers, monsters, evil scientists, and really old 90s block phones. Cassadys world is a bit different from ours in the fact that they lack a lot of the formal structure our society holds. There is no official law enforcement force, nor is there military back up. The technology is dated compared to ours, but I don't want to explain that since it'll start to get spoilery. Let's just say they definitely don't live on earth.

(Sorry this is long) Thank you very much for giving this a read and I hope you stick around! Please bare with me as I get a handle of making comics and experimenting with style a bit, hopefully I'll begin to work things out and get a nice schedule down!

(By the way yes, Cassady is not the traditional spelling of Cassady I've chosen an alternative, I hope you all are alright with that ;_;)
Omg I know how you feel about your characters hair XD
I actually made one get a hair cut because it was so darn hard to draw!
Your art is beautiful! I really love your style and the shades of blue look beautiful~
Len looks a little angry in that last panel O.o
Aw, I feel bad for Len :'C
Burried in snow like the rest of us?
It hasn't snowed a bit here, I love living in the subtropics :D
Worst game ever? I hate most pet simulation games, they such and get ultra repetative. Petz catz: clan was the worst.

and yes, superman 64 dear god
whooa poor jamie >.<
I don't know what to think D: I just want every body to be good /lame
I already love the characters, their designs are so cute XD
Harvest moon. Really? Are you serious? XD
That's mario. I thought it was a british soldier with an M on his hat. Im not joining and I won't ever do it. This is stupid because every one is just trying to get people to join.

this comic is incredible how could less people be reading it D8