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Remove hat, place on TOTEM GOLEM.
Atleast it's not Yaio. Or a Sonic comic.

You need a vector program though, to make your stick figures smooth and stuff.
Next week, probably. There was a two week hiatus due to me having to enjoy spring break and then another week long hiatus for me to get used to going back to school

If you like Swordsman could you favorite, please?
New comic!

Sprites are custom.

Have a fun!

Check out my choose-your-own-adventure comic.

I made everything you see in the panel up there excluding the water+sky
Put the cheetos in the underwear
My character in Exo (warlins RP)

It has 4 colors excluding white so it's within 8 bit restrictions
December 18th, 2008
How old is hendrick and why does he get lunch from his mom
if you must ask for fan art disguise it as a contest
This page is definately not just one big plug!
1/0 is the best use of an author character ever
Please make sure that you yourself knows how to make a sprite comic before trying to teach others.
this is the worst comic in the history of forever
This is like the eighth 8 bit megaman comic that starts off with the two professors and protoman in a dark grey and light grey background i've seen.

i especially like the arrows pointing out that its a girl
This comic is terrible.

The jokes are lame and unfunny, and the backgrounds are JPG quality.
Keep squid gil 8 bit.
Personally I think your sprites would actually look better if the inner-outlines of the sprite were soft, but the general outer-ones were hard.
The picture of Iruka on this page is the only good picture i've seen in this comic so far.