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emo kid cuts himself in the forest?
ani, feel free to do any reapery stuff with Rage, cause I'm working on other projects,ours included
I'll do it
"I'm Angel"
*Ten Seconds later*
"Who the hell was that?"
"No Idea whatsoever!"

Your people have ADD
Awesome new layout Aids!
He does alot of sitting around on grave stones -_-
sorry guys thats not how he is at all. He's a deeply conflicted, sad man. His story is really sad, don't judge him by what Rage( the red guy) does,its all a product of a long line of events
Crazyfuck don't try and steal my thunder...

Sorry forgot to put my name on it

Doubt me? I have the original :D
He gets more development later, don't worry
ohhh I get it

" Several "

Spell check,mate

But so far it's good
I'll probably eat his flesh if he doesn't respond :D
As a bad guy in the next chapter,sure
Bare with me, the funny will return.

I'm taking a page out of TKT's book with storylines that are silly and story lines that are serious.

Chapter after this one will be rather silly, so indulge in the serious then laugh at the funny later

Also I can't update F&I until saturday, I'm just adjusting to the new school year, so when I have it undercontrol I will sit down and draw a new page
Maybe, I'm reluctant to add more charecters as of the moment because I'm struggling to give them all equal screen time...
Hey everyone

This comic is picking up readers with every update but I would just like to point people twowards my drawn comic, Opposing Forces: Fire and Ice

Its kinda a mix between Bleach,Hellboy and Sin City with lots of Anime style action in there (especially at the moment) so I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out. Just click on my name, scroll down and click on the banner and have a read, maybe comment.

The direct link is

Readers, all 10 of you, go sign up to this forum

Seriously Shit last panel

I think i'm gonna keep this style, but it'll take longer for me to finish each page so bare with me,okay?
This one took me forever!

I think it turned out really good