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Well, I'm a amateur writer, since I'm still learning. I'm also a artist-in-training, since my art is still pretty bad. I'm probably what you'd call an "otaku," since I like anime, manga, and other Japanese-related items, but I'm not. I just have an interest, that's all, not an obsession with it. I also like Legoes, Transformers, cartoons, and some more.

A few of my favorite animes are Ojamajo Doremi (Yea, a magical girl anime. So? If people can like shows where they have a lot of skin showing (Looking at you, Gurren Lagann), I can like something that DOESN'T!), Gundam 00, Negima, Azumanga Daioh!, and Digimon Adventures 02.

Currently, I'm looking for an artist to draw a comic I'm planning, called "A Major in Fantasy". Preferably, I'd like the comic to be hand-drawn, and not done in sprites. For those interested, please come and send me a message telling me so.
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Well, to be fair, her ring's her power source, and without it, she's as powerful as a Rookie, so it goes either way, I guess.
That is a freaky toilet...
Hey, if Arthur can have a pet dog while one of his friends is one, than this works!
I don't think Wizardmon would have been able to become a Digi-Egg, since he died during the time the Dark Masters came, like what Tomcat_X said.

That, and he might have decided to stay dead, since there he finished his duty, and didn't feel that he was needed anymore. I think.