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Hmmm...Clumsy, rash, left-handed

Pretty boys XD

1) Reading manga
2) Video editing
3) Fan-girling

Occupation: Multimedia Trainer
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    Nifa Kaz
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November 4th, 2012
This is wonderfully painted ^^
October 6th, 2012
I just found this and I like it :)

And has anyone else noticed how far back Kami's level is from the other two? Lolz.
It's sad to think of being in a different time and never being able to return back...
I really love your colors~ And yeah, like the assistant here, I went 'Red..?" o.O too. What did Harold do? Wear a wig? Hmmmm
Oh my god. I didn't realise she was a girl. Shows how much I was paying attention -.-
Ah this happens to me sometimes too :)
This seems interesting so far as I read it^^ I'll try to keep up with it~
Omg~ Phoenix Wright reference is <3
Let me be honest and say that for some reason, I thought you were female. Until I checked out your profile ^^; This is awesome drawing by the way~
This girl is cute...^^
December 13th, 2011
This is getting more interesting! :)
Hi, your comic strips are lightly humorous. It's cute :) The relations between Frank and Bob^^
@SolarisSky: Thanks for commenting! I created this comic based on real-life experiences :) Sometimes it just gets =__= Glad you like it~
Your drawings are awesome~~ :3 May I just comment that Atticus has this undeniably irritating personality that irritates the shit out of me? :D
That's cute^^

And now, awaiting the return of my tablet so I can do more -.-