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December 29th, 2009
Your art is WONDERFUL! I'm in awe! I love it!
Upcoming character!
Sooo.. I was on a much needed vacation. I went to Maui! Hooray! I'm super tan now. And I'm back! Yes! On to drawing! In the meantime.. here is some eye candy...
December 1st, 2009
Thanx so much for the advice! I'll definitely be implementing that.
November 30th, 2009
Wow. Things are taking longer than I thought. Perhaps a buffer of pages will get things moving along faster... now I have to find the time to make them.

BTW, I'm open to any comments, suggestions, critiques, questions!
November 29th, 2009
I promise I'm working on the next page! This is Rona, probably frustrated with how slow I am being...
Soooo pretty! Likes it!
I started reading this comic a couple days ago and I couldn't stop thinking about it! I feel obsessed! I keep checking back for updates!! Keep up the good work. I love it!