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Currently having my life consumed by the Mlp fim series and its fandom, as well as my Overnight Dryfood/GM stocker job at wal-mart.
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Random query for anyone who still sticks around in any fashion!

Anyone happen to have or know where I can find the Dr. Frost and Frozone Man sprites?
Glad to see this still lives.
Not lack of inspiration,
Just really tired of late, and a comic like this is easy to throw together. And it got me to giggle, which is an A or at least a B in my books.
Been very tired
and taking many naps thus haven't worked much on this, combined with a brief burst of uninspiration. But today when I wake up from sleep I think I'll try working on the comic a bit more.

EDIT of an EDIT: Correction- I figured out why this is larger. This is what they'd look like if I also resized the comic template as well.

I'm not sure if it would look better if I resized the comic template as well, as while it might be bigger, it might stretch the screen too much.
I was lazy today
and didn't bother cropping the text boxes any. But I'm curious for those returning readers out there, do you like it when I crop the boxes or do you think I should just stick with uncropped text boxes?
February 28th, 2017
Three Day Weekend
I've got a three day weekend starting tomorrow, so I might not be updating at all since I'll be heading off to my dad's for a visit. I will however probably try to work a bit on backgrounds.
February 23rd, 2017
Sprite Change
I decided I was tired of having Arioso just look like a ball with weird bits sticking off it, so I edited Arioso's floating biometal type form.
February 22nd, 2017
Ten Comics!
While I know most don't celebrate it as any kind of milestone, I can see it as one. Not all comics even make it to ten.
Hmm... there's a phrase here that is being left unsaid...

"This can only end WONDERFULLY!"
That is an impressive amount of letters. Looks like more then a class should even have!
@Mastermind9:I'll have to think about it. One comic (more or less) might be enough at the moment.
Not sure if I'll be coming back here, but I am back to making sprite comics and looking forward to looking through the random fun of this ol comic.
February 17th, 2017
Layout Change
Seems Gunmetal Gray doesn't let one make comments as far as I can tell, so I switched to Default.
Shameless plug/something I might throw up at a later date

I have a new comic up, and am even experimenting with making my own sprite character dudes!
Please go check it out!

The new comic is right here, and has much more TLC, tender love and care then the old one did. Hope to see ya there!
You could perhaps see if there is someone willing to continue it if you aren't motivated to do it anymore.
Sad that this isn't being continued. Would have been pretty neat.
Might as well make her a fighting robot too while we're at it.
sides.... sides hurt... too... too much laughter...
@Random _ year old:
Dr Doofinsmurtz is evil for a variety of reasons, but his competent version was only competent because he lost a train set.