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Herro! It's me... Yeah.
I'm currently working on three collaboration comics with friends; but they're all in their very early stages so they won't be up for some time. They're all pretty nifty stories, though. Check them out when you can. :)

I'm pretty G-Rated, but I curse like a trucker. So like, maybe I'm PG. XD I 'unno. A majority of my own works have been paperchildren 'cause I have a phail tablet.
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D'oh, well now I'm sad...
Bitches, please. Gimme my quiver.
This is really cute :3
After repeating that this comic is brilliant and your art is simply AMAZING, this also happens to be my favourite comic shop! It's like the first place I go to when I get off at Grand Central... =w=

(Sorry kinda went on a little)
I absolutely adore this comic :3

...Is this Trafalgar square?