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Hello nice to meet you my name is Rachelle and well you may call me shell or Sora either one is fine with me!! ^w^

My likes are simple reading, yaoi, writing, roleplaying, cosplaying, and wood working! :D

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@OujaAkuma: The...The Booty Detective files X'D omfg i cant breathe.
Guuh I love this comic so much <3 your art is so nice and its quickly become one of my faves <3 Keep it up ahhh
....poor hun ^^; Not enough touching for him i bet hes uber sensitive that one.

...also i have been reading and I absolutely adore your style its so amazing and stunning.
I know that this is such a minor thing (the whole thing is great!) but i love how Dragos's little braid is like not perfect <3
Hisawa!! ;u; Ahhh! He looks like he is doing well! ^^
How can you not love Gannet? WHen he brightened up I like just imagined his wings perking up all happy Haaahhh <3 ;u;

and Best mom in the house <3
Bailey's grumpy face!! <3 its sooo cute ;u; I just wanna pinch them cheeks xD
.....I told myself its going to be ok but but...AAAHHH Kaidou!! Please tell me hes going to be ok...;A; hes....O_O DID HE GET SHOT IN THE EYE?!?!?!
i remember when his wingies were iddy bittles and it makes me smile ;u; I cant wait to see them when they are fully grown but im sure Gannet doesent want them to be though.

ANd also congrats of makeing the leap!! ;u; I cant wait to see even more pages! And happy new year! Woop!
...Jake stawp that isnt a green light to mess with the guy =`A=
September 15th, 2016
I almost had a cry when i saw this page. Not only have Kaidou and Aki have came so far in loving each other. But your art! Ahhh <3 your art is soo nice and amazing! ;u;
Ahhh shower time~ the best time xD Im sure bot of them are ecstatic to see each other again~ I know i am!

Also have a good vacation and con! =D I wish I could be there to meet you but ah well i probably not even live close. But any case I hope you have fun an hope you make bank!

And also i took a look at the game site an ahhh! It looks great! I hope you have fun making it and I cant wait to see more of it! =D (and the blood god though~ hehe <3 )
Gah lucid this is great =3c I cant wait for the next page!

Also im going to be at detour! Im so going to pop by your table and buy a print or buttons! =D
ahhh its so cute! <3 i hope these too cuties have fun~ and I wonder whats the presents? >w< Oh! my guess is the sweater/ shirt in the headder up top? >w< So then the wings can breaathee~ xD haha

and also I hope you have fun at con! and hope you sell lots! ouo/ I will probably see you at anime detour! ^^ And ill be totally buying something from you~
Its been two years?! Ahhh congrats lucid! We all love the the comic and I always cant wait for new pages! Thank you for all your hard and amazing work these past two years!

And i love the pic =w= LOOOVE it~
Ryuuta is such a schemer xD Im sure it will be nice to have a whole day to themselves >W<...gaahhh im so happy Kaidou is back! Im sure Aki is too~

And Happy holidays Crimson! I hope yours is awesome!!! ^^
Go Addie go! Ooohh I hope Gannet is ok! =x
Take all the time you need! I hope whatever is happening gets better and feel better soon! =o
;A; Oh hun nooo... you can literally see the bandage marks! To tight! ;-;

Yes Run Addie! Go get bailey so he can make everything better. >A<
Ahhhh!! <3 so cute!! *sniffles and blows noes crying* 4 wonderful years ;U;

and in the four years your art has become amazing crimson ;u; keep up the good work!! ^^/