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Errr, well I am kinda more a writer than anything. But I do like to draw from time to time, I only really seriously started drawing a few months ago and I haven't had all that much time for practice seeing as I am still in school and all.
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Probably not best to tell Avarice about the sex life, he was bound to say something stupid ^.^ he is cute when he is grumbling though.
Omg, it's an update... o.o it's been months since I last looked at this comic ~.~ almost forgot it completely... But nope and you've updated and just WEE! >.>
The Funniest part is, normally when I hit something it starts working again.... I think theres something up with that.

Funny how all Steve had to do was hit the damn thing to getit to work, he could have saved so much time.
Although, considering his motivastions... I think he'd be safe. even with how solid wine bottles are...
It may be the case that it's the bears onwn fault... But wildlife logic always dictates that the bear will blame Steve if he laid the trap.
You have to wonder. Did she really expect a small or no mess when a VCR is dropped on someone from a large hight. Although... whether a VCR could actually do that is debatable >.> but I guess it does more than a video would...
germs dont die in cold, dunno about extreme cold though but fridge cold will just slow em. Heat kills I know that much...

But reall he's got a beer in his hand it kinda gives it away.
Well really the Boss should know not to trust Steve that much by this point. But a mini fridge isnt teh worst that could happen.
^.^... its erm, something.
^.^ cute 'n all. Mako is seemingly very egar to get started.
Heh, Mako looks cute in like that third last pannel. And Avvy should learn not to aim at poles, though maybe hitting them's not so bad in a hummer O.o.
That's kind of sad actually, that his lifes that bad he goes to cutting himself. I think whoever made it that bad should be stabbed :\. So mebbe it's understandble why he aint the nicest person out.<3 I think you make such wonderful characters, so much more to 'em than first seems.
Aww.... Now, if Razr was nice to Mako I'd like him o.o but he's not and no matter I still think he's evil. But still all cute and stuff ^.^ and Razr shouldn't worry about being gay that stuff normally sorts itse;f out by itself... normally.
Heh, ... Avarice and Razr didn't even know each others names and they were kissing. I thinks, mabe Avvy's relly slutty ^.^
Thats... Gotta be bad. If Avarice dates Razr... o.o. More reason for Avarice to be hit then.
Avarice is like a five year old... O.o and the ferret is cute.<3