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I am a comic artist from Maryland who loves many forms of art.

I update Friday, Saturday, and occasionally Sunday.
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November 27th, 2009
Oh god.

Please tell me you had your underwear on.

I'll get to it.
Sorry, going on a Nedroid obsession at the moment. :)
This keeps reminding me of Party Cat.

Y'know, Party Cat.
This is a guest comic I did for Amanda Crowley at Something Original on DrunkDuck.

She hasn't put mine up yet, but you might as well LOOK EVERYDAY AND KEEP HER POPULAR.
The truth
Okay, I am going to announce that Shoop is I will not have a definite schedule.

Also, I am going through a phase called "Comic stocking" where I will draw up about a months worth of comics ahead and release them, making time constraints easier to work through. Plus, my tablet is broken.
New One.
I will explain later why I'm halting Satl's Story.
I thought you would have bought a Tetris shirt to match the pants.
It's a Luke look-alike!

It's a Luke-alike!
Dave's there on the left!