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I really hate inking. It's as if a lost verse from Genesis tells of God yelling after a shivering Adam and Eve as they trudge mournfully away from Eden, “Oh, and you will always have to ink your comics as well!”

I must find a solution.
I would apologise for the delay and say it's good to be back, but that would shatter my internet tough guy image.
Thanks. :) It won't be for long, a few more weeks at the most.
Actual Proper Genuine Excuse
I do apologise for the lack of updates, we've had something of a medical emergency to deal with. Not me, but it's meant I've not had time to do much art.

Please note that this is a real excuse, and not the usual Severe-Attack-of-WOW, or acute First-Proper-Girlfriend syndrome that are normally responsible for killing webcomics.

(I love how I can still find humour in this situation ;)
I've just (unwarned and unsuspecting) read the first volume of The Qwaser of Stigmata.


Seriously, Japan, no. No. A thousand times no. And the worst thing is, now I can't use that idea I had where the hero gets his power from eating the earwax of cute schoolgirls.
This page might seem a bit rushed, but all six volumes of Scott Pilgrim arrived in the post today, and I need to get reading before some bugger ruins the plot for me by having seen the film first.

I can't spend another day in the office with my fingers in my ears going "La la la". It stops me typing.
I hurt my thumb cooking (potentially lethal business, food), so I had to draw this page holding the stylus between my teeth. Which meant I couldn't see the screen, so my apologies for any wobbly lines.

Still, I'm still beating Megatokyo for update speed.
Bit of a delay there. The thing is, I was the artist in the Artist's Showcase in NEO this month, and as this gag is rather rude, I thought I'd better wait until the mad rush generated by appearing in a top monthly newsstand publication had subsided.

However, either the SJ stats counter is lying, or it had no effect on my popularity whatsoever. So, on with the smutty jokes.
King's Cross is probably a much nicer place now, I understand they've done up bits of London considerably. There's some kind of big sporting event due on there.

Incidentally, I hope you'll all take this comic for the killer gag it is, and not just yet another excuse to draw sexy girls.
I read the first volume of Bakuman a few days ago. And then I went back over this webcomic, and I thought "I don't take this nearly seriously enough". I should be devoting my every waking moment into becoming a better artist, becoming a better storyteller. I then I remembered that I'm a thirtysomething with a mortgage, not a middle-school kid.

Plus, G-pens are sent by Satan to discourage all the people who can't actually draw very well and make them be accountants instead.
I'm currently playing a game I like to call DVD tennis with my good friend What happens is that I order a DVD from them, they send it to me but because they don't pay their warehouse staff enough to care, it's damaged. I send it back and they send a replacement, but because the Post Office are pissed off with the world, that one arrives damaged as well. I send it back, they send a second replacement and the game continues. Tune in next week for the result.
I would apologise for doing another page with the monoliths, but that would be a sign of weakness.

I have stuff to do, let's just leave it at that.
I was a revolutionary at university, I think you kind of have to be. I had a red t-shirt and everything.

I believe the legal minimum requirement is six months pretending to be a communist. That's proper communism, of course, not the stuff Barrack Obama's healthcare is being accused of.
The trouble with drawing punk characters is that it's quite easy to come up with an outfit that's really cool, has lots of different patterns and slogans on, is ripped and torn and covered in studs and zips. And then you realise you've got to draw the damn thing for the next million pages.

This is why you never see Nana Osaki in a parachute harness with DESTROY scrawled on it. But I, I will not sacrifice my artistic integrity so lightly.

Besides, she's wearing glasses, and the rules say that makes her cute.
I know there are a lot of citizens of the United States of America who read this site, so I am in no way going to mention the World Cup.

We should never have sent you David Beckham.
I apologise for any inaccuracies in the above comic. I had to guess at the exact procedure involved in waxing a bikini line, as being the Real Man (with capital letters) that I am the very thought of removing any of my precious body hair is utterly unthinkable.
(I promise some incredibly epicly pointless, yet still PG-13 nudity next week to make up for the dullness of this page BTW)
Theorah's comment on the previous page got me thinking. I don't consider myself to be an old man by any stretch of the imagination. And yet, at the last anime con I went to, there were very definitely people younger than Evangelion there, a series which I love to a degree that a psychologist would probably be interested in.

Not, of course, that these particular monoliths are anything to do with Evangelion. These are other monoliths. Satirical ones. No Gainax, you can not sue me to pay your tax bill.
Well, they've just released yet another version of Evangelion, so you never know. ;)
Bugger me, the humour is getting really niche now. There can't be that many UK based T&A-obsessed Evangelion fans who believe in democratic reform and doing the crossword before breakfast reading this, surely?

A day early with this one too. The trouble is, if I keep going at this speed I'll end up with more comics than fans, which is always depressing.