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Where did you find this

I must k-know

for *Ahem* science
January 16th, 2010
Hey look!

his name is Merlin ;D

he must've tried a fusing spell and got his sister stuck to his lips

either that or she's a desperate whore
I just lost the game
Hope you enjoy the game
I choose.... that one n-n
Green is the accent colour
I see what you did thar.

also I didn't even post this in main yet.

fucking ninjas
Sooooo yeah... ummm k arms
Ikr? Grass is my fav
Green was... so-so

also I forgot pearl u-u
Eye do nut undrstnd englis plese
Red yellow blue gold crystal saphire emerald silver soul silver... and of course HEY YOOU PIKACHU.... just 5 seconds ago
I impregnated it, so make a pregnant version
Too bad I'm making more emo characters

I made those because Solara said "Stop making emo characters"
Okay guys, going back to recolouring