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O . O
I love that cover. The wolf animation is also pretty gosh darned awesome.
Ohoho... it's getting ever more likely that this comic will be Rule 34'd. ;)
He was right to leave... You never know what she might be putting in the coffee to make her grandfather a 'changed man'...
How does one 'white out', exactly?

It doesn't make sense why they replaced 'black out' with it. :\

The comic is really well done and all, my only problem is that there are quite a few grammatical errors... :P

I'd be willing to help in that department, if you want it.
So is he going to randomly give you an expensive piece of merchandise like FR/LG, or is he just going to toss a ball?

...After the bleeding stops, that is.
Wow... Atticus was able to make it half way down the street before he tore into that package. It appears that I've underestimated the young man and offer him my sincere apologies... Atticus, you have far more self-control than myself, and I commend you.
You spelled 'Opportunity' wrong... Otherwise, the comic is just fantastic. :D