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So basically, the more high-level your magic is the less worth it it is to use it?
March 12th, 2015
Thunder... Thunder... Thunder... Thunder Thighs! Hoooooooooo!!!
@Voidwolf: It is a little unclear whose turn it was when Billy's "nap" interrupted the game, but unless someone stopped the clock whoever's turn it was should be out of time by now. The game is most likely over.
Good advice, Hizrim. Asia so far has not been doing a stellar job as an actress. Reminding her of her motivation and role might help.
@Arukoir: I dunno. Looks more like a gap between adjacent teeth than a gap where a tooth is missing to me.
In Which Amical Does Not Appear
Sounds like we may be about to get a little more insight as to what Amical and his group are up to.
*chuckles* Nice. Very effective way to exploit a paranoid guy's paranoia. :)
Cue pancake in Stanley's face in 3... 2... 1...
Yup. It's to be expected if he can seize hold of her magic and make her perform way above her level that he could also seize her voice and make her speak his words. In fact, there's probably no part of her he can't seize hold of and control, meaning that she's completely helpless in his power, his to grab hold of an manipulate in any way he wants, to make her perform any act his deranged mind can conceive... Did it suddenly get warm in here?
Come on Asia, don't waste this opportunity. Ask questions! Be a reporter! Find out more about this place and how Malloy fits in here. Even if you can't tell him about Hizrim right now you can at least find out more and challenge Hizrim's version of the situation.
One moment Billy is thinking that Amical is playing like a Grand Master, which he would only know if they were several moves in, the next he makes note of Amical ending his first turn. Gotta wonder if Billy remembers that now or not.
November 16th, 2014
Brilliant! Moroz has clearly been studying the masters. The lady speaketh, and the words of the Goblin King pour forth.
Hmm... Are you aware that your Top WebComics vote link has skedaddled?
@kidthegreat: My guess, base on Amical's earlier reaction when someone defaced one of his paintings and the way he constantly freaks out about death magic, is that the paintings aren't so much security cameras as horcruxes. I think Amical might just be as allergic to death as He Who Must Not Be Named. If he put a piece of himself (soul or otherwise) into each painting, then destroying a painting would be like killing a piece of him.

Alternatively, maybe only one of them has an actual connection to his life and would kill him or age him if someone destroyed it, but even he isn't sure which one it is. Whatever the case, these paintings are clearly more important to him than the lives of any of his seedlings, even his absolute favorite, which means none of them dare harm a painting again without knowing for damn sure if it will end him.
Billy is absolutely going to hate everyone after he gets his brain back.
@Evil Eye: My take is that Hizrim is malevolent but trying to act benevolent because he needs Asia's help. He's also very bad at acting benevolent because it goes against his nature, so he's making a mess of it.
You know, I'm starting to wonder if maybe the problem with Asia's casting is that deep down she doesn't believe she has the right to impose her will on the rest of the world that way. I mean, how do you cast a spell if there isn't at least some part of you that believes that you should have a say in the way the world around you works?
Whoops! The last button links back two updates previous, back to the one where Hizrim puts the whammy on Billy.

I can see how Curio made the mistake of thinking Adrestia must have done something to Billy, but he should remember that Mind magic isn't really Adrestia's bag.
September 22nd, 2014
@Hydra: Hooray! :D
September 21st, 2014
Hooray! :D