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ready? blast off!
-i'm a writer first, a doodler second
-i'm a conservative liberal
-if you get what i mean by that, you're pretty awesome
-i'm easily amused by humanoids
-i think cartoons are the building blocks of life
-i'm not gay, nor am i bi or curious
-if you are, i love you
-if you are not, i love you too
-i can always find something to laugh at, even when it's inappropriate
-i have perfected the fake smile
-i'm very socially awkward
-i have a lot to say, but i usually don't say any of it unless i'm asked
-i'm a bit antisocial, but i'm mostly just shy.
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    Hay Thurr Sunshine!
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December 13th, 2011
i don't know about you, but i think hearing someone laugh whenever you disrobe has got to be just a little traumatizing.
December 11th, 2011
it would seem that even trey knows not to anger the female species >.>
i am enjoying this so far. i'd like to point out that there are two page 25s. i thought i was going crazy XD but no, it's there.
todd allison's face on ze bottom is pure win.
i can't believe it either XD

oh and i should mention that school is back in session so my attentions must be directed towards it. but i will do my best to make time for max and the gang.
capsizing boats is almost as fun as cow tipping.
this guy is fascinating... i'd jump off a bridge if he told me to.
January 28th, 2011
yay that's the cd in the microwave guy! he's the reason why my microwave doesn't work anymore... booo... but he's also the reason why i don't have to listen to my sister playing justin beiber! so it's a win scenario!
@M-24 - all of it in one sitting??? i'm glad you weren't bored enough to switch to something else XD

@Noelle - maybe?
trey calm down. forrealz.
@Noodles - yes, i am very aware that Dead Like Me was a show on Showtime. i was aware of that before i decided to officially name this comic. but i figured that there are many things of different medias with the same titles (i.e. paradox, pictures of you, dreamcatcher, milk... and that's just a few on the most popular list) so to stop myself from naming this what i really wanted it to be just didn't make sense. i just thought the title seemed really relevant to the story. it deals with dead people and a boy who feels a bit dead inside.

are you going to tell me that Mad Max was a movie too?
lollll trey, you're stupid XD
max's so mean... the guy's been living with him for weeks and they're not even friends yet?? i'm glad trey can't hear this. he'd probably cry.
fun fun fun...
January 16th, 2011
yay movie reference related to the question! and of my favorite movie too!
oh luffy, you're so pun-ny!
i said this before and even after the re-draw, i'll say it again.

this particular nerd (of which i have named melvin) just doesn't have much going on for him except his smarts. he's got the old man glasses, a sweater vest, buck teeth, and to top it all off (literally) he can't even take time out of his nerdiness to at least smush down that last bit of hair to make him at least a little more presentable. oh no. melvin is nerdy to the nerd power.

and that's perfectly fine. he'll probably end up being your boss one day.
i was bummed cause my computer decided to reset while i was sleeping and i hadn't saved this page or the following before it did. the only thing that needed to be done on both pages was "greying" as i like to call it. but instead of doing the smart thing and saving before leaving my computer, i decided to just let it sit. silly me. so i had to redo this. and now i have to redo the next page as well.

note to self: SAVE SAVE SAVE.