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Conservative Christian. Likes Jazz, Blues, some Rock, Zydeco. Likes Sci-Fi: fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Last Starfighter, Enemy Mine.
6 boys, 6 grandkids.
From: Compton, CA
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    Jim Kern
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Note: see that Allie is smiling, truly confident in herself finally. Then, note how Lee sees Allie-in her view shining/glowing as she saw her at the first. Lee’s final complete healing of her own life, mind & power will culminate through Allie & her growing together.
As that happens, I believe that Lee’s super powers will remanifest!
Mark my words!
No, that’s one thing but....I was referring to Lee’s personal view of herself: as a hero, as a self-determinate person, independent of approval/disapproval of other heroes.
I think that Allie’s cognizance of her own situation she’ll incorporate into dealing with the one person she truly cares for. As Lee helped Al come out & not wind up hateful or mousey or “useless & forgotten”, (her own view), so now Allie realizes she, in turn, must help Lee.
It’s actually comforting to see Allie come to terms with her “gift”.
I think having Lee in her life has brightened & enhanced her over-all outlook in general.
This is clearly evident in her apparent good-mannered acceptance of what & who she is.
But.....what of Lee?
There’s the $64,000 question!
Guesses, anyone?
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume Leo’s gonna ask Alice to do her invisible thing, saunter up & listen.
Find out, in other words, with what’s going on....
The other guy was a reporter?
Reporting on.....whom?????
Interesting how Ally & Lee’ve got their hair pulled up almost identically. It’s obvious that Ally’s loosened up & been more “open-aired” in her carriage & dress. I’d dare say Miss Lee’s influence was a major factor.
Holy Sh**!!!!