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Hello. I am Jenii. Yoroshiku. By day I'm a hair stylist by off-day I do other things like lounge around and draw. I'm a crazy catlady and obsessed with green. My mind is constantly on food and Yakitate JaPan (manga/anime). I like a lot of things. Ask if there's anything else you want to know :)
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Wow, has it been a year already? Sorry for the crappy comeback :T new few pages will definitely be better!!!
Glad to see her being so strong even though she was hurt. She's my herooooooo!

Shio: My hero...hurt!! NYUUU!
Whaaa! What's going awwwwwwwwwwn? What kind of drama?? *wantstoknow*
Shio: arigatou boss-san!

Love Eve's new hairstyle :D

Uh oh! Why so mad Boss-san??
Oops, I forget my chibi are fail XD
L-R: Lucy, Eri, Kokoro, Leon, Inari & Jordan
XDXD sure thing, whoever wants to continue, go right ahead!
Such a cute pagggggge! Except for the creepy fish o_o....Muikku is meeeeeeean DX

The CD cover is also super cuteee!
December 1st, 2009
Vannnnnnnney!! Poor thing...Brother is some kind of smooth talker isn't he.
December 1st, 2009
Oh my...DO NO WANT :X
A kinda continuation of the Crowded Kitchen & Give Him A Break pages XD

DRUNKYPERVYPERVVVVVSORAAAAA! WHO PUNCHED HIM?! Someone else can choose. I wasn't sure who in this bunch would be "violent" like that XD

*Panel 5 says "I'm flying!" / Framboise = raspberry liqueur
Omgggggg I have two cats that do that DX CLAWWWZ!
BAH!!! Wry harro there :D CUTE!!
Looks pretty darn good :D
Waaa Eve! Her hair is magnificent. LURRRRRRVE. Ahahah! I know people like that o_o!
Ooh good luck getting the chapter finished by your deadline DX YOU CAN DO IT!! FIGHTING!

HAHHAA Samu & Kazu's faces are so mischievous!

For guitars...I'd say study some real pictures of them. For the most part there are just certain elements that are needed (headstock, fretboard, pickups & body). As long as you know what those are and where they are, the guitars should come out fine :D
@Ruxi: I thinks it's also based on the people drawing. I for one have a short attention span and bad memory so older charas require some research and I'm horribly lazy XD

and there certainly seem to be an off customer to employee ratio XD
Thaaaaaaanks gaizzzz XD
Oooh!! Great job!! It's really tough to draw in PS. Definitely seeing lotsa improvement in the second panel :D the eyes are fantastic!! Huuhuu NP Shiomi gets it awwl the time with her tomboyish looks/behavior XD

I think you can also change the text easily in PS if you saved a .psd file of it with all the layers and such.