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Arisa Kitsuna
Hi!I'm an elementary school student who loves to draw very much and NEVER give up on drawing!I'm advanced in drawing!I love to read mangas,playing internet,watching anime, shopping and of course,drawing!The dream I wanna be is A successful manga artist! I love shojo drama, fantasy, comedy and romance manga the most!!
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    Alyssa Qistina
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does he have an interest in girls?
is it all ages or older children??
im srry! wut's Rose Of Versailles?
HOLY SHIT! LOLZ. the cover of this manga, did u use Rate My Drawings??
Arisa Kitsuna
December 30th, 2009
awwww.... poor u! too bad u can't continue!
maybe she should take a bite of Marshy!^ ^
is it shoujo-ai??
he looked like a gal! O.O
this page reminds me of the manga High School Debut! :D
did she have a BOYFRIEND???? magical girl animes ALWAYS have a boyfriend!!!
why did'nt she listen sum music??
was it goat ears or rabbit ears???
err... is this M for Mature??? 18+???
first, 'It's to CLOD!' and then, 'The WROLD Stops' OMG (needs practise more on grammar) -_- ... anyway, where is the fav+???
NO FAIR THAT TEH MUFFIN QUEEN CAN STOP A HUMAN!!! i wish that the girl can freeze the Muffin Queen and goes 'OMONOMONOMONOMONOMONMONMONMONMON......!'
Arisa Kitsuna
November 26th, 2009
i kinda think dat u should put mystery and supernatural of course!^ ^
oooo! a manga of sugary sweetness!!! :d
sorry 4 that kinda comment heh! and i didn't fav+ cuz i dun see the fav+ button.... -.-
NO ROMANCE????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE F---??????????!!!!!!!!!!!