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The new perspective looks -amazing- :D
Also, I <3 Shiratori's face in the last panel. He looks cute :3
Nervous Shiratori FTW :D
I LOVE how intense Shiratori looks... And Haru's amazing uke face :3
Those last two Haru panels are amazing :D
I <3 that middle panel. Haru is an adorable bed head :D
Personally think Dake's brother with the goatee is kinda hot :P
Being 19 is going to rock your socks :D ...Well, kinda :P
Awesome page and happy birthday!
I was wondering how Elia's mom and dad could possibly get along, seeing as how they seemed like such opposites... but third panel explains it :P
Lolz, Jack's hair in the first panel reminds me of a rooster's comb :D
I'm gonna guess David's gonna go live with Jack?
I <3 your updates :D
Amazing--and you pretty much just made up for the ridiculous power outages I keep having :D
January 6th, 2010
Phew, I'm actually relieved it wasn't Alan... Because that back shot on the last page was really girly :P
Can't wait to see Alan! :D
Omg, how's he going to explain that slip of tongue? :D
December 29th, 2009
Omfg, do we get to see Alan now?! :D *is super excited*
December 28th, 2009
Man, I got the same thing two nights ago... Not fun :(
Glad you still managed to update--I can't wait to see them when they're older :D
December 28th, 2009
Love this, man--can't tell you how excited I was when I saw how many pages you put up recently :D
Oh yes, tutor him in the way of the gay >:D
By the way, love that last panel :D
This page == Uber WIN :D
Transformation ftw! It actually succeeded in making him cuter than he was before :O
Last panel is awesome :D