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I'm sorry this took so long, I was really struggling with what the wedding should be like but, in the interest of not abandoning the comic, I opted for a cop-out. But it was really cool, I promise.
Haha alright, here you go!

It really shouldn't, other than I've just not been focusing on it.
September 28th, 2015
This comic was missing from the lineup here, but it actually wasn't missing at another site it's hosted on meaning yes, alternate universes.

The first part is an actual unreleased comic from 2008!
@TheTC: Yeah, I wouldn't mind that :D just send me a picture of the character in private message and maybe fill me in on some info about them so I know how they'd act
The first panel is my lazy way of admitting I don't know what the action of unclipping a parachute should look like. Also Bill was originally supposed to unroll from the parachute but again I had no idea how to draw that xD
I kind of want to go skydiving someday, but I wonder if I will ever actually convince myself to do it... <.<
I'd prolly be okay if I did it more, I just almost always use a mouse is all xD
As Ice slowly transforms into a Nyert.
I know he used that term in the comic before, but remember that the last subplot he was in also involved a submarine xD
If you were wondering what I was doing...

That and school. But now, I've graduated! I'm free!

Well. Until the Fall, at which time I'll be going to college. But I've got a good month or so!
So I'm trying to update at least once every month. Preferably more than that though! But I'm determined that at the very least the comic won't die.
Hit the "first page" button xD
But yeah! Happy Two Years! I'm really going to try not to not update for months, I swear! Oh, and happy 2012 by the way. :3
I'm sorry I'm so bad at updating! D: I just had writer's block for the longest time with this comic. Hopefully I'm getting over it.

So, how are you all doing? I hope you all had excellent adventures while I was gone.
@CityBreak: The last one was 30 seconds, so it should be even as this was 120 seconds O:
Okay! Now it's even. :3
Yeah it was bugging me, that 30 second comic.

Anyway, I sure do enjoy saying anyway in the author comment!
@contradiction123: Yeah, probably xD
@Flygonmaster Really? It's worked on every XP I've ever tried it on, including this one... It is possible that every XP I've ever used has been exactly the same service pack with exactly the same paint version, and that it only works with that certain combination, but actually I have no idea. All I know is it's always worked for me xD

EDIT: Here's the egg I was thinking of
I guess one guy in the comments said it didn't work so maybe it doesn't work for everyone...
And now I'm on an XP. Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah...
Anyway, that 10x trick is actually true... I used to show it to people and they'd be like "O:" But now it's just a random piece of information that's stuck with me forever xD

Ah well. Hopefully my computer gets fixed soon D:
And we're all aware of how my computer decided to celebrate the occasion.
Made this at my grandma's house, and she has Windows 7 so I was all ":D"
However I had a much different expression when I realized her mouse's sensitivity was set to "Sonic the Hedgehog with Rockets"

Anyway, Yay Two Hours!
Not only does this webcomic celebrate every 100 episodes, it also does so every 60 xD
At 300, they'll be the same comic O.O

Also this is this guy

He got a new job xD