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I'm a pink lamma and proud of it.
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This is not an end either

if you like my comics, you can still read them in my tumblr blog, which is were i've been publishing them recently,

I won't delete this account tho, but i'm not publishing here anytime soon.

thanks for reading and for all the support!
hope to see ya in tumblr <3

this time i made it in my sketchbook
but i still wrote in photoshop anyway
im awesome
and drawing boobs
adblock doesnt work in the app by the way
and a happy new yeaaaar
so fuckin done with this shit
im pretty sure
this actually happens with any plans i make in my life, from dinner dates to travelling abroad.

I will LITERALY start doing that.

I just discovered I had a super power all this time, the super power of being whatever i want, and i never too advantage of it. now its time!
i really thought that this androgynous phase of my life was over.
@Anon: stuff :x thanks for caring <3
look how much my hair has grown
im taking a note
im baaaackkkk
you and me...
serious issue here
i really want to buy your book ;_; plz dont sell them all till I gather some moneyyy!!