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Please take a look at my comics :)

'Sweet dreams?' and 'Whites' are the ones i'll most probably be working on more than the others, however if you'd like to see me do a story for you or continue one of my old ones just pm me :)
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This guys love is by far more moving and cute. But i don't mind.

Baw~ adoraaabble.
Is that vote picture ever getting done? It looks nice haha..

<3 Oh my! love the vote picture.. Posting it to DA at all? Please do!
No really, she is a SLUT.
Using the poor boy to get to his step dad.

I want to punch her in her face.
I'd probably tell her to Let logan and his stepdad worry about each other. Not him worry about slaggy-m'gee shoving her underaged boobies in his step dads face face!
is his that slut saying 'so hot' to logans step dad or is logan saying it about her?

Uh ohhh...
this picture is adorable and sexy :D
hey thats awesome sweet :)

Who are they off?
What did you enter in? :D
hahah i love it :D

Is he loosing the purple bow soon? it makes me feel awkward. haha i;ve no idea why
Prehaps he could of been married before? the person left him because they where cheating?

I dunno, he seams young but at that age a divorce like that is bound to happen.
ah its cool, i didnt like the look of just 3 anyways, im not used to it XD

Also, im not sure if they should be with this comic but theres two new characters i;ve made and if they where in this the story line would have a little more interesting bits in it, they do go quiet well with the whole bad vs good theme
its like all of a sudden, YOUR HIS BITCH XD
gosh those hands freak me out

Also i have two new character concepts. maybe some more plots for way LATER on hah :)
im guessing, shes a massive stalker fan of his singing and will almost recognise him INSTANTLY! D:

also. i know its late but heres another pick up line he could of used.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but WHIPS and CHAINS, EXCITE me...!
maybe after his mothers death, he was forced to remarry?

Either that or shes a relative?
happy birthday sayo. loved the comic, im sad to see it end but it was fun along the way.

thanks for this surprise mini comic in it aswell ^_^

you should start a comic of your own, get a plot and some characters, you'd be great!
December 1st, 2010
we need a picture. of you. and your asianfro. i had my warm fluff removed (it was thinned out by the most pathetic hairdresser... she didnt ask me what i wanted! :'l)

hehe must be awesome?
7 days left (Y)
i dont comment as often as i should,

but i have to say im in love with your characters, especially the firefighter :)
hahah love it :) i used to forget tommys name all the time :l
woah thats a epic story! i loved it :)

you should continue it, your art is amazing.. have i read that right? the hunter has no eyes?!

Do you have anymore comics? i'd love to see more from you :D