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Bread Prince
I'm still learning and a noob at comic making~
Most of my comics are only done during my free time so update can be quite erratic.

Other sites I'm at: - sketchblog - art folio
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Oh my~ 100 favs!
Thank you everyone for following me and Fitsgerald!
I love you guys!! <33333
I'm alive!!!
Well~ that's sad :|
I made you guys wait just for that~
School has been kickin me in the ass but now I'm free!

and FFFFF my style changed like hell in just 4 months that and I switched from gray scale to tones.
I hope you don't mind the inconsistency, loves~

I'll try to post weekly updates (no promises though)
I'm practicing using tones now instead of using grayscale since I really want to make it all comic-like 8D
currently using photoshop so yeah~ OTL

thanks for the comments and support~

I made fits look like a pretentious nicotine addict in the first panel lol
You work so fast <3
and I'm lovin your tones~
@EVERYONE: Thank you so much for the encouragement QwQ
Cute chibies~
I want them lil buggers so bad o3o

I need a better proof reader... OTL
details. I fail at em.