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like to be on the computer do field trips and stuff like that.
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Hello from the other siiiiiii-
Or thighs make good pillows? I'm sorry did i miss something?
This reminds me, I have to do my study on women... a study that has been in development since the dawn of time.
looks like chu-chu.... (puts on glasses) Pierced the heavens...YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
all those sacrifices.... at least one of them was gonna haunt her someday.
October 25th, 2013
dis is the truth, but to be honest i rly dont like all the new pokemon they are putting out. they are like re-making the old one's into new types of pokemon and its hard to keep up with the names...
i know the feels
been soo long!
Good to see you back! i hope you have a nice consistency if you plan on continuing the story!
One does not simply place an easy puck...
Game on player 1!
Wow.....just wow, her face is hilarious!
Aw no i can see it now. She beats the gym leader gets the jumper. And Atty regrets it :(

And this is why ur comic is a stellar!
I would say "ok anything you say!"
@Jops: Ha! if those are promises i bet she couldnt keep one, cause she acts literarly just like my sister!
She thinks she's soo tough
ha she makes threats just like my sister!
Jeez girl da hell?!
wats she gonna do?
what was she planning to do?
im gonna rock & roll all night, and party every day!
oh boy!
whos gonna walk/drive her home tonight?
December 16th, 2012
This is some kind of frickin joke!
You deadbeat Get ur butt off the screen let the fight commence!!!
I was the smartest kid in my kindergarten class. I helped my teachers by reading to the kids that were older than me. So my past self would be helping me with my writing right now! XD