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why do I feel as if someone is totally about to be screwed over
<3 that last panel made my day!! xDD
oh yes. smexy winged man <3 nom
oh yes~ seme haru? <3 or at least dom uke!

I'm a fan of the whole switching thing even though Shiratori is totally the seme
pounce pounce pounce pounce pounce!!!!!!!!
omgoodness are you alive...?

I wanna meet the evil seme <3

please be alive
haru looks so cute in the last panel <3

i'm eagerly waiting for the snogging <3
ah!! poor haru!!

thank goodness u didnt make it cliche..ugh I could've died <3

keep up the nom noms
what did he do in the middle of the night?? ~<3
loove the coloring! and the drawing and everything else!
I like your old style but this one is aweesome!

except for the text... dont like that.. i cant read it >_<;

but why is the rum gone?

awesome! go daddy go!

keep breathing author dearest! and good luck with the family!
aww this is so awesome! yay cookies!
November 4th, 2009
xDDDD LOVE IT! I've read this page, i dunno, at least thirty times because I come back to it at least once a week and I still laugh!

this is great!! hahaha "..." LOL!

keep up the awesomesauce
November 4th, 2009
waiit to hanakitsunechan7-> he spilled coffee>>>> wheeen where is that? i didnt read that i wanna!! T_T

and this is so awesome! go! pounce pounce!
November 4th, 2009
keith is sooo cute! love the 3rd pannel! <3
i make a smackjeeves account just so i could comment on this... are you alive? we miss youuuu!! sniff... hope you're okay!
why do you wanna redraw it? its so pretty...

hope you're well and I really REALLY love EVERYTHING you've done, but please PLEASE update! sniff sniff.. watching Keith getting molested is so much fun!