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I like that second last panel.
I also enjoy your art. ^^
The horrified look in panel three just about made my day. ~<3
I certainly do. That and... I can understand that. CG is not a friendly game in my opinion. u__u

I added some things to the information section. I understand what you mean about not really knowing the characters, so I hope that that helps a little bit. ^_^;;
This page...
A.Makes my life.
B.Looks amazing.
Heh, thanks. That poor spider is so abused... Squashed on a regular basis.

Is anyone going to actually go?
Hey thanks you guys.
Haha, I am pleased with how it turned out, so people saying they like the spider makes me happy. :D
Good evening
Sorry this took so long. D:
Hope you like it anyway. :D
Ah! I'm sorry this is taking so long! The page is done, I just have to get it up.
HAHAHAHAHA. Oh god this made me laugh out loud. Great job!
Can I do the next page?
Hey thanks! ^.^
I was going to let someone else come up with the reactions from the three characters when a random guy comes up and yells at them,
So not from me there wasn't, unless people want me too. : P

Yeah cookie! *nom nom*
Thank you! ^.^
A cookie!?
That's exciting. I like cookies!
Thank you. ^.^
Hey, thanks! ^.^
Also, I couldn't fit all I wanted to say on one page, so there are two. And the lineart needed colouring because it looked like a page from a colouring book. :P I hope that you guys don't mind.
A new page!
I hope it's alright that I went ahead and did this anyway, without really waiting for a reply. I'm really sorry to anyone who I might have thrown through a loop, but as I started thinking about the comic I had planned, I started to draw, and ended up finishing it.
A page! A Page!
Saying that I wanted to do a page, is anyone PUTTING UP a page that would be terribly angry if I just did one?
I plan to have hat take it in his head that he wants to serve things to people at the tavern?
Oh dear god. After fighting with scanner, computer, camera, computer, scanner and computer, camera and computer and scanner, computer and camera, then the computer again, I FINALLY CAN RETURN... If that's alright that is. ^.^;;
This is awesome and so adorable! Despite the fact that Drin reminds me of some serial-killer. But that's awesome regardless, haha. (Um, So, not to be the problemmatic one, but I got my scanner! Everyone celebrate! Except not a day and a half later, there was death upon my computer. Irony. Gotta love it. I have no idea when I'm getting the new one, but it's going to be really soon becuase I can't live without my computer! I'm really sorry guys... )
Oh noes! Poor Drin!
Ahahahahaha! "Fuck evolution, I wanna be a sand crab"! That just made my night! ^.^