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AJROTC Cadet (LET III) Love wolves, inuyasha, koga, anime, webcomics, and hentai
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aww, she's so cute. can i call this a moe point?
she reminds me of renge from OHSHC when she met Haruhi. LOL attack of the fagirl
actually, spontaneous combustion is a total myth-we are water based
>.< so cute! i luv this series. have you considered publishing?
too small to read what they are saying!!!!!
let her get some bow-chicka-wow-wow already!
wow, an avatar fleshlight, what would that look like?
4,000 money for u to send me a pic of roxas!
Sora: You?
Kairi: Was that a question?!
Sora: No, No!!! please stop choking me!!!
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Yo, i wanna use your "nut shot comic" on my my space as awesome stuff and to advertise your awesome comic. do i have your permission