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No! Really? Would have never guessed *eye roll*
@HaroldSB: No shit Sherlock. H0ly Handgrenade does not claim the owning of Pokemon in any sense. The creatures may be the same, but obviously the characters and storyline are completely different from those Ken Sugimori created.
Girl Physics
As a friend and I would say, it's all about Girl Physics. Honestly, I have a small purse, yet can fit my calculator, small planner, makeup bag, bottle of asprin, two packs of gum and a few other small things in it and still get things lost in there.
He must plan his sick days ahead XD
@Myriads of Blue: I don't think it will as it's being officially published and sold in stores in her home country =/ but I could be wrong.
Who said anything about running, I'm jumping off this mo'fo. XD
Somehow I feel like DT should just burp out fire into one of the holes. Anyone for roasted Diglett?
First two panels remind me of random person/friend/family member and myself. XD
Pit of flaming hot pickles?....That's an unusual form of self punishment....must use to threaten people with >=3
George forgot to mention he'd get a lot more money for smokes >.>
Felicia, this is not the time to play jacks...although it's a good maneuver to temporarily stop your pursuer.
"You two better not interfere. Is that understood?"

Sorry, grammar nazi strikes again.
I think Atty would sound better if he said 'Who is this guy' rather than 'Who is this man'. It seems too formal to say 'man', but maybe that's just me >.>
Evil shadow man is evil >=(
Are you related to Mr. Poofy Pajama Pants?
My first thought was 'the bitch set you up, Atty =O'
Because it's fun, duh!
Still missing 241-250...
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: How in the hell did she stand up without falling off to begin with? O.o
Awesome! Congrats!
@Nani (Guest), Yes. Mary is Catholic, thus the reason she looks like a nun. Yusra is Muslim/Islamic.