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Minuit Ombre
Hey there ^_^ I fail at comics (Have attempted a few times, but my art isn't too good and I have little patience for redrawing sometimes and backgrounds... And there would have been no way for me to put up any sucssessfully made comics of mine due to no scanner... and I fail at using the computer for art T_T)

And please, if you go to this link, that's all you need to do *is trying to hatch egg* ^_^
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LMAO XDD Simply amazing xD poor Hermes xD
*sigh* he spread himself out too far... *shrugs* GO AYA!!
SERIOUSLY!! *has just done what LoneSWolf did* xD and in the same day too! This story's soooo awesome xD can't wait for the next chapter!!
I must say, this was awesome, is awesome so far, and funny xDD I'm glad my friend showed me this *chuckles*