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Full Prologue Text:

Year 1998
It has been 20 years since the Nuke War ended. The two most powerful countries of the world, along with their state allies signed an agreement, a peace treaty binding all those involved to a long-term military cooperation and ceasefire. Conditions were set and the disbandment of nuclear technology were commenced to prevent future use.

On the 12th of August 1998, the consensus was made live so the whole world can watch for what many can say the most historical event of the century. For the countries that were ravaged by war, after years of living with fear, peace was finally imminent.

But not for long.

Fifteen years later (2013), on December 24th, known as the Christmas Eve Tragedy, more than a thousand satellite-guided missiles lit the skies…and changed everything.

In an instant more than 20 million people from various regions of the earth were wiped out, injuring a hundred million more. No one knew where the attacks came from...and where it will strike next.

The world was in a state of panic.

Governments once again prepared for war. Previous state alliances were restored, and the race for a new, more formidable weapon begins.

what a jerk!!
she IS strong? lolz, nice! :D she's an interesting character!
aww very nice! i wish i could be this pro! nice coverpage!
whoa nice character designs!! :D
whoa very nice bg! so pro! :)
awww cuuuuteee!!
ah this one! i'm talking about this one!! so nice! i really like tat costume :)
that door
lol, it looks messed-up inside the staff room XD
aww i like the girl's uniform on the left!! so cuuutee! i think you posted their pic together in dA, right? very very cute!
i like how you do the panelling/ neat! :)