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January 7th, 2011
I fucking lvoe the janitor XDDD Oh my god yay XD
I love how much you fucking swear.

Seriously you make my fucking day XD
Now I have two things to say; 1. that wound in the last panel is awesome.

2. I had a dream where I met you in a supermarket and you decided I was one of your legion of bitches and made me buy you a soda. wtf.
so wait, you're 'experianced' Shiratori? Huh, never took him for the type~
oh shit.

I got pnemonia last term and it took me out of the game for ages I only just caught up, god I hope you can catch up faster than me DDD:

Get better soon, we love you and I'd give you a cookie but your ulcers would kill me :c

September 13th, 2010
this is the best page of anything ever. You are my newest god.
...Don't worry Eila, I'd have tried it too XD
...I love you. I'm not sure if I've ever commented here before but yeah, you are my new god.
August 9th, 2010

Best. Line. Ever.
I love Jay's face in the first panel~
So cute!

But these two are my favorites D:
D: I can see Kaden's point and Ross'

Kaden's being self destructive, though really, who hasn't been at some point?...

Edit: lol first.
constant_boredom: you're icon made my day.

and page comment! I think I'm going to like Sarah XD

And nawww lookit Jay XD
I love the art for this! Seriously~ it's dark and you make use of white and black not just greys, it's gorgeous <3
longest suicide ever! I respect a man that takes ages to off himself 8D
...I have to admit this is probably mky favorite web comic ever (along with Acid Monday) and I love how often it updates, the plot, characters, and art never let me down either. Keep up the awesome work <3
oh god, Atty has a heart!?


I almost cried, meeee the heartless bitchhhhhhh D8

I officially worship thr ground you walk on for this comic <3333