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Hello pplz! Ummm....I know it seems kinda strange but...THERES ACTUALLY 2 PPL SHARING THIS ACCOUNT! that illegal o.O? Oh well.....but we're gonna make the best manga on earth! (So not true...n impossible) Psh....dont listen to the person in the parenthesis (a.k.a Cindy's brain O.o) cuz I know it's possible if we keep on trying n doing our best! =3 So please support us n we'll give it everything we've got! (Everything? But I dont wanna give up all my cookies!) Too bad! It's all for the viewers! n our fans! (...We dont have any..) Then we'll force them to become our fans! (How?) Give them free pencils! Yah....n free paper! =D (......) Well.......look at the time....I guess I'll end it now sooo...u'll be hearing from me again next time!

Heyyyyyy! Me Vivian here! Cindy already got the whole "be our fan" thing down so I'll go on and talk 'bout awesomely pointless. We wuv kookies n lollipops n cupcakes! We eat our b-cakes on August (the awesumly mee of course) n April (Cindy) so send us lots of luv at that time! Me go bye-bye now! CYA sooneee! :)(That was short . . .)


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ZEUS! kawaii >x< he's soooo adorable! Omgawd she's so pwetty :3
KUTE! It's sooo exciting! I'm finally gonna be able to read it!

Oh yah n what program did u use to draw the covers n stuff?
the way u color is just soooo....AWSUM! XD I'm jealous lol
uwaaa!!! so kute! =3 teehee I use to play trickster!