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KYAH! I'm so exicted! anyone cares or ever reads my page...*twitch* Well Since I now have some better art pens and such, AND my scanner is fixed I just MIGHT make a comic.... FINALLY. I'm probably the biggest dead weight ever on this site.... ._.
My apologies,
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The irony of this is that my playlist on shuffle starting playing sexy music when I got to the taking-off-shirt part...
I have an unhealthy addiction towards Ursule... xD
gyah! x3
awesome! I would send a profile and comment more often but... for the past two weeks I've been on a road trip XD
and the new guy = amazing x3
August 8th, 2010
LONG HAIR! Long haired guys are just amazing |D
Whoever can spot the sleepy snail wins a cookie XD
I'll put up soemthing interesting today...
I swear it! I will... Really!
I started something! :D fufufu... lets get some comics in here now.
FFFUUUU-Finally :3
AN UPDATE! ADJGDSFJKL! *spazzes* xD I think I'm stuck doing the first chapter...
Woah! Awesome work! x3
OMFG UPDATE :D and you can probably try to self publish..
I don't think it really matters... I don't think these guys had an education, amirite? XD
Yes, I am happy, Reecey! xD
OMG... instant fave! This sounds awesome!
Hey you. Closet jester guy. You're not scary. You're cute. Stop trying to be scary... it isn't working. :|

Something I whipped up since the comic was too.. desolate. D:
So, yeah. Hopefully once school ends we'll get SOMETHING done.