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Likes: Black, anime, reading, drawing, singing, dancing, writing and just about anything that helps me explain myself! :P
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Somnium has great text, and the background fits well and doesnt overwhelm you so much that you get distracted from the actual comic.
love his shirt!!! it's really cool
That's exactly WHY he should have!!! nothing funnier than a character out of character.... sometimes...
I love that movie!!! I watched two and... a quarter (?) times already
Nice to have you back!
I think they all look way better this way. No offense to your original designs.... :P
AWWWW and lol! It was both funny and extremly cute!!
December 30th, 2010
You lucky ducks that get to see snow!
I've never seen snow fall from the sky. :( I leave in a desert and for vacation, I normally go to a warm place, like the beach. But I LOVE YOUR ART!!! Cora looks really cute in the snow!
I love the last panel!
I love them! It's so cute!
please update
I really like this comic and don't want it to end. I also read Terra Bella but I like this one better. Please keep up with this one. How bout when you do one page for terra bella you then move onto doing one for scary stories. Pppppllllllleeeeaaaassssseeee!
I agree with coconutcherry
Gross...but hilarious. And I can't wait to see how their master's will react. Even thought thats gross, I'm really happy you updated. I LOVE THIS COMIC!!!
I love you again!!!! She's ends up with kino and the world, once again is out of order!!!
I also agree with Samantha(guest) and Kyarah. Beautiful kiss, horrible pairing.
I'm sorry but I just don't get a good vibe from Takke. He's just..... I don't know but something in me is yelling to me "RUN!!!" whenever i see it. More than that other random guy who has only appeared twice. Haven't you guys ever gotten that feeling?
I'd rather have her and kino. her and that guy make sense and thats no fun. If you paired them up with people that would not make sense, it makes the story so much interesting!!! I'm sorry but I disagree with this arrangement!!! Please tell me they don't end up together cause I swear I will go completely emo. (goes to the corner, sits in emo pose and starts poking a mushroom. :P)
October 15th, 2010
Is that a blush i see on Eric's face?
Poor blind Cora... Doesn't know that she is the one he really wants to go with. Poor Eric! Hey if you want i'll go with you Eric! And I'd make sure we make Cora very jealous. Or if you want you could just be with me...
Happy Birthday!!!!!
You're back!(GLOMP) Even if it's just to say happy birthday!!! I love ya!!!!!!!
A kiss!!! AND I'm the first comment!!! I love you soooo much!!!
O my god!!! I love this story! it's awesome!