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I might not always update, but not to worry. I hate giving up on my projects and unless I happen to randomly die one day and can't complete my works.. I doubt I ever will!

I just happen to have a life outside of my comics and right now my life is kind of crazy and I have school to worry about. ):

Ah! And I want to thank all of those that have fav'd the comics I work on so far.. Your support is much appreciated!<3<3
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Auuggh! That's disgusting! It ripped his spine right out! :0
HAHAHAH! I love how Lucas is just standing there in the background.
Love at first sight!
BAHAHAHA! That was fast.. xD Yayz! The first page!

Andd fonts. There's a nifty collection of comic fonts right here if you want to check it out-->

Ohh! And I suggest this one-->
I think it would fit nicely. But that's just me thinking.
Yin Yang
Aye! >

Yin is dark and Yang is light. Looks good though. :-)
DaANNG. I just got slapped. And it felt good.
*squeeeel* I'm such a sucker for adorable comics.

^3^ ~<3

Tochu is frikkin awwr, man. Awrsome comic, keep it up. I also had something really witty and to add, but I forgot it already. Hahaha.
Woh guys! Thanks for 90 fans! :D

Eek!! I updated? x3 Yes.. Why yes I did. I have no idea what that guys actual name is.
xD Hahaha!
September 23rd, 2007
T___T So cuttteee! Poor Mr. Floppy Ears.
September 23rd, 2007
And all the girls go.. "AWWW" xD
I'm so fast.... ZZZZZZZZzzz.. So tired!

Whiteout + Pencil = WTF NO!! ;-;
Hehe.. Pantties
I see london, I see france, I see.. OH GODDESSES! HE ISN'T WEARING ANY UNDERPANTS!! xD
Aww.. He's so cute! xD Mommy- can we keep him?
Yah! ^^ Awesome stuffs- congrats!
Haha. Really like the character designs. :D Jake looks like such a spaz.
Link Wears Tights
He does. But only when he's an adult. Right now, he's.. Oh, about 10ish I believe.
Nice comic! Although, might I suggest changing the background? It's distracting and makes me feel dizzy.
*Clapping* Awesomeness so far! ^^
*-* Love your style! Can't wait to find out what he's doing with that there strand of hair.