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this fag didn't deserve to live


some of his comics were lulz so they survive

for now
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    Call me Smiffy :3
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I used this joke before.
Why is SMF a hedgey instead of a Dingo you ask?
Cuz I'm sexier and cooler that way.
hax you made it look real

and julian read the description damnit
Not anymore. XDXDXDXD


Carry on with your lifes.
You should already have mine.
What the? I just pressed the next button and it brought me to the comic where Knuckle's sells the emerald..
You'd be surprised on why this attracts people G.B.A

I'm funny by being serious.
I'll update pretty soon. After all, it is my comic.
The little Rouge Knuckles love fest is finally over. But that doesn't mean the plot is finished.

I'd be glad to give you spoilers on what happens, but then you'd just ruin yourself.

BTW, Panel 4 speech bubble fucked up for some reason. Paint.Net must of error'd.
That'll be explained later like I said.
theres another sprite pose idea i can cross off my list

damn you're a good editer..
Rouge is starting to grow on Knuckles..