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I'm pretty much dead in the whole drawing sense...

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    Godess of the Rainbows
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Oh my lawddd, Henry is so adorable. I want to pinch his cheeks off ; w; <3

I swear Richard has pouty face .
Darn you Monday and your angst causing actions!
-shakes fist in the air-

But, the strong dependency he portrays in this is pretty realistic.
The panel where Andi is taking off his shirt is so absolutely graceful. I love your work
; __;<3
Scars or cracks...or something -has no clue-

But, man Jouet looks fabulous even whe he's lounging.
February 22nd, 2009
... If this is fail...
I wish I could fail like this.
January 14th, 2009
This page is absolutely stunning, I actually shuddered from how intense it is.
Aww,man I bet he has an epic mustache or something oxo

What is he hiding? xD

And,aww,poor Jock,i like him... i just don't work in the office... Do I still count? ;-;
Holy shoot,that looks painful you might wanna get that checked...

Please tell me those are mega water guns they are holding? owo
This is adorable,Jelly xD

I imagined Flapjack yelling adventure in the last panel -w-
Because,school is starting soon and smackjeeves distracts me,lol. xD
And your comics are one of the main culprits,rawr,Q,rawr~
How do you sleep at night? D'8<
Rawr Q,rawr! D'8<
I had decided to stop coming to smackjeeves but,i couldn't stay away.
Your amazing comics don't let me,it's all your fault. :'D
Jock...i'm sorry but,you FAIL at life... Letting yourself be thrown around by a man wearing a purple suit... SHAME ON YOU,SHAMEEEE D'8<

I'm happy the tv got it's revenge though... 08D
QQQQQ~ I'm going to kidnnap you and bribe you into drawing for me with fresh baked cookies 030

And it's true Jock,Fluffy Pink Animals come before everything...everythingggg!

I sure hope they have insurance and a good excuse on how that tv got broken though... o.o
Holy shoot...
I'm tempted to ask where that was hidden (which would explain the intense blush on his face ;D)
but,i'll just tell myself there's a portal to a parallel universe that serves for storage inside his pants!

-Let's watch tv,guys!! : D
-Where? o.o
-In my pants! =D Disco now~~
Oh mai,is it grope hour already? I completely forgot -grabby hands-

And oh Gods,Boy Luvin is freaking Epic 8'D But,the last page gave me icky mental images... - 0.o
A comment,you want it~~,you desire it~~,now you've got it 8D

But really,this page is adorable to me for some reason and I just can't wait to see what mister batty has to say.
Lol,kissy face o3o
Fooling around with Dick...-coughcough- I'm sorry but,i lol'd long and hard. Alfred,noooo,come back! What about the Tang?!? D'8
'You listen to Britney Spears' i lol'd long and hard 8'D