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Brad lives in Oregon and is lactose intolerant. He writes words for the most popular web-comic on the planet, Shyeah.
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    Brad Halverson
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Forget that stupid Facebook nonsense, you should really be spending your internet digital click dollars on following me on Twitter!
Tard Harshin'?
Yes, tard-harshin'. I can't claim ownership of this particular turn of phrase. It originated (as far as I know) from one of my favorite website type things, Gamespite (residing sensibly at ""). If you're into old video games or are just generally geeky you should really check it out.
News Post
Be sure to check out the news post today for even more exciting music trivia!
The news post today (which has nothing to do with the comic whatsoever) could very well change your life. I don't want to spoil it, I'll just tell you that it involves my roommate's anus. Enjoy!
Check out the news post today for a brief 'splanation of "The Truth". Also: A video of an elephant being electrocuted. Just one of many services we offer here.
News Post!
Reminder! If you click on the "news" section it will deliver you to an enchanted land of TEXT. You know you're into it.
@ inumaru1
The Avatar edition fleshlight is blue, obviously. It's also designed to be proportionally consistent with the 9 feet tall lizard-kitties from the movie. "Roomy" in other words.