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Here's the link for those of you too lazy to type.

So there you go. Our further updates will be going up on the new site and the new site ONLY. I'm sure this means we'll lose some of the more hardcore SmackJeevesers, and we understand, and we'll miss you. Hopefully you'll consider rejoining us eventually.

(Also, we didn't PLAN on having the epic battle between Earthworm Jim and Gizmoduck be our swan song on this site, but it's kinda badass how that worked out.)
I KNOW! Epic, right??

There's MORE, dear reader! Click "News" at the top to download Panel 4 in high-res. I can tell you from experience that it makes a tremendous desktop wallpaper.
Ugh. For fear of alienating half our readership, that sounds like the worst thing ever.
Hello once again, teeming masses of fans! If you'll direct your attention up to the menu bar (located conveniently beneath that attractive banner), you'll see a link to our FACEBOOK PAGE. Yes, we have finally expanded our reach to the most-visited website in the world! Truly our rise to power is complete.
Fun fact: I didn't actually get this joke until I was halfway done drawing the comic. I'm pretty intelligent.
Wow, Mr. Thompson! We didn't expect to incur YOUR wrath for quite a while! Business must have REALLY slowed down since you got disbarred. Glad you like the art, though. The writing's for shit, between you and me.
@otakulys The only way someone could think that concert sucked is if they HATED Muse. Like, Matt-Bellamy-raped-and-killed-my-mom level hate.
Oh yeah.
You may have noticed that we didn't do anything cute for April Fool's. That is because April Fool's is fucking retarded. That is all.
Hello, legions of readers. The coloring in today's strip is an experiment in digital painting. Let me know if you like it. It takes a lot longer to do, so I'd like to hear if you feel it's noticeably better than the old style. Thanks.
Fixed. Didn't expect our readers to be quite so eagle-eyed.
Lots Going on Today
New comic, new site design, and if you click "News," you'll see the photo that would have been our Christmas card if we weren't all so lazy. Enjoy.
Hey guys, just wanted to thank Yamataro for the nice review he put up over in the SmackJeeves review comic: ews-3-comics/
I was expecting to get skewered. You're absolutely right about the banner. I didn't really worry too much about it because I didn't really start to comic to market to this community, but you're right. It's boring.

Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it.
Come on, it's gotta be Barack. He even PLAYS basketball. It only makes sense.

But they DEFINITELY have to include the Beastie Boys again. If I can't play basketball as white Jewish rappers, then I just don't want to play.
I wanna see a comic about people that ride motorcycles and throw cards at each other now.
Be sure to join the group:
You're fine, take your time. Just a little light ribbing. ;)
I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to read Yamataro's review of my comic. ;)
It was mine. I was the third one.
Hey guys, I wanted to give you the heads-up (and I'll post this a couple more times as it's warranted), we're gonna be dialing Shyeah back to a Tue/Thu update schedule while Brad and I develop a new comic project. Now you know!